Dungeons: don’t just zerg, think!

The new "dungeon" is not all indoors

The new “dungeon” is not all indoors

I’ve done a few dungeons now, mostly in pick-up-groups, mostly with people who don’t know the dungeon well. And while we almost always complete the dungeon, here’s a common scenario… we get stuck, we die and wipe a few times, we struggle, we find it’s dumb and frustrating, and we finally succeed. But there’s a pattern to the success… success usually means someone in the team figured out how to beat the task at hand.

We’re about to get a new dungeon added. It has 9 sections, each with its own challenges. It also has a few different bosses. I hope this tutorial on past dungeons will help you prepare for this next dungeon, by giving you the ability to figure out the challenge, and how to beat it.

Why zerg if you can learn to play better?

Learn the strong attacks, and dodge them:

Many foes have a strong attack. Learn what it is, and how to avoid it. If they look at you, it’s usually a bad sign. Strafing is usually not good against their strong attack, so learn to time your dodge. A good sign that there was an attack you should have dodged is if you are KD’ed… I find a lot of attacks that KD can be dodged. Some examples include the huge boss lizard when it tunnels in the Catacombs, the shotgun attack of a middle boss in the Manor, and the tree illusions in Twilight Arbor.

The tree illusions require a bit more explanation. They basically try to catch up to you and hit you with a powerful KD melee attack. That is in itself not dangerous, except that they also have a snare in the form of vines. When you are snared, it makes it easier for them to catch up, and that’s when it gets difficult. If you use attacks that also hit the vines, you should be fine. I switched to the guardian staff with the autoattack hitting everything in a cone in front, so vines automatically got hit. This made it a lot easier to dodge the KD attacks. Also, I found that if I did get downed, hitting the vines was an easy way to self-rez.

Also, remember to counter snipers with skills that block or reflect projectiles. Most professions (if not all of them) have skills that do that, use them!

Know your environment:

Best example of that I can think of is in Twilight Arbor. There are tons of poison flowers that detonate if you step near them. They are easy to kill. However, they respawn fast, so when fighting and backing for a pull, you can often run into new flowers that will explode to leave you standing in poison for some serious pressure. Having someone kill the flowers as you go backwards can make the fight a lot easier.

Also, lots of places feature traps, learning where the traps are and how to avoid them really helps when it comes to running multiple times through them, as was the case when I kept getting myself killed in the Catacombs yesterday (sorry to my team). Some traps can be disabled, so knowing how to disable them is a great boon too. In the Catacombs for example, there’s a corridor with traps that are disabled using chains located in the room after the traps. The room has some foes too, but before whoever makes it through attacks those foes, he should first pull the chains to clear the traps so that other players can go through too.

Do your pulls:

This one should be obvious to dungeon adepts. Most of the time, when we did our pulls well, we managed to end up with only one foe remaining, making the job of taking out groups a lot easier. Don’t over-pull though because you’re run into the “invincibility and regen” bug (yes, I will call it a bug), so once you isolate a foe make sure you stay near it.

If you have more strategies, please share them in the forum…

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