Effigy Lighting, ArenaNet videos, Mist League

Just say NO to dragons!Both the climax of the current Dragon Bash event and start off point for the next Dragon Bash event, the single person instance, Memories on the Pyre is coming on June 18th. Be sure to come see them set fire to the effigy!

Anet also celebrated Drgaon Bash at the 2013 Role Play Convention in Cologne, Germany (click for story and video). And you may recall all the dragon pinata videos they posted a few days ago…well they saved one for themselves and posted it today too. Fun stuff!

Mist League actually starts their first season today, June 15th at 11am Pacific (6pm UTC), and it has not already started as I said in my last post. Check out their Twitch.TV channel to watch!

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