Eric Flannum Talks Mesmer

Eric Flannum managed to talk to NowGamer about the eight and final class which we all know now is the Mesmer. In the interview Eric discusses the design of the class as well as some of the skills.

To what extent have you expanded the Mesmer lore in Guild Wars 2 to flesh out the profession further? Well-known Mesmers in the first game included Countess Anise and Queen Jennah; can you give us any examples of prominent Memser NPCs in Guild Wars 2?

Queen Jennah and Countess Anise are actually the most well known and prominent mesmer NPCs in Guild Wars 2. Back in the original game I think the most well known Mesmer would have to be Gwen.

As with all of our professions, the Mesmer’s combat style has evolved through the years focusing more on illusions and deception than outright mental domination. This change in focus comes from the non-human races bringing their influence into Mesmer magic.

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