Exciting Changes to Next Week’s BWE

ArenaNet Concept Art

Just after midnight pacific time this morning, Chris Whiteside became a hero to Guild Wars 2 fans announcing on the ArenaNet blog that a new Beta Weekend Event (BWE) would begin at noon pacific on June 8th.

The article has some exciting news about new content that will be available in this BWE:

[anet]Your existing beta characters have not been deleted, and you will be able to continue right where you left off! This means that enterprising players with characters level 35 or higher will be able to test their mettle against the explorable version of the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon!
-Chris Whiteside

In addition, Whiteside comments that many of the technical issues including party movement into overflow servers, chat, key bindings, server stability and more have been addressed. He promises more details on these improvements in the coming days leading up to the event.

Also, if you or your friends have not pre-purchased Guild Wars 2, there is a way for you to participate in this beta:

[anet]For those who haven’t yet pre-purchased Guild Wars 2, you’ll still have a chance to play in the beta. We’re teaming up with our partners to give away keys for Beta Weekend Event 2, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news.
-Chris Whiteside[/anet]

There are sure to only be a limited number of these special beta keys available, so if you or your friends are hoping to nab one, be sure to follow GUild Wars 2 closely on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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