FANtastic Friday – SageLikeOne Interview

For this weeks FANtastic Friday we have the very special guest SageLikeOne on for an interview about himself and his youtube channel. Without further ado, here it is:

[GWOnline] Hi Sage, last time we had you on you were doing a guest blog about starting your own youtube channel. You said you started with the question “What sort of YouTube-channel would I like to watch when it comes to Guild Wars 2?”. Now that we are just over a month away from Guild Wars 2’s release, would you answer that question any differently?
[SageLikeOne] I don’t think so. I think that if I were to watch Guild Wars 2 clips regularly it would have to be truly regularly, that is – contents that is spaced with an even and quick frequency, not something that might come out every fortnight, and it would have to be informative, fun and not ranting and raving constantly. There are a lot of game-review channels that fail on one, some, or all of those counts (which is why I do not watch them) and there are some that try to be better. Those I gladly support.

[GWO] Currently you are one of the biggest Guild Wars 2 youtuber’s out there. During your journey to this point what would be the most important thing you’ve learned along the way?
[Sage] I would not say that I am one of the biggest, and as I cater mostly to the same people who are now playing the beta I have seen a lot of viewers spend their time playing rather than watching – and rightly so! I could never be a substitute for the game, but I hope to be something people might watch when they are not playing, and enjoy it for what it is. This is probably one of the more important aspects of this that I initially overlooked – to make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. I am not in this to get millions of views, make buckets of money or earn some sort of fame. I am doing this because it is fun, and because some people enjoy it. As far as motivation goes I feel it is a lot healthier than “I hope to make a million dollars” or “I hope to turn this into a professional acting/gamereviewer/editor/[insert other profession here]-career”, at least for me. I do this for fun, and that’s important.

[GWO] You’ve made a few pieces about how to make great clips, most recently your top 10 video in the last FANtastic Friday. For all the aspiring youtuber’s out there, what is the single most important piece of advice you can give them?
[Sage] Mind your contents. If you have contents the rest sorts itself, but if you produce shoddy, ill-informed, ranting or in-frequent clips then you will struggle every step of the way. If you make sure the contents it good, then following, opportunities and more will be a lot easier.

[GWO] The Guild Wars 2 community has had a lot of ups and downs on the road to release. What advice would you give to our readers going into release?
[Sage] Take your time. If you rush this game you will miss out on a lot. This is not going to be like a lot of other MMOs out there, where the good stuff is hidden at the crest of the levelling curve. This game will be paced very differently, and so should you be, or you will be cheapening it for yourself. Unless, of course, you are a hardcore structured-PvP player, in which case it is full steam ahead from day one!

[GWO] Lastly, what are you looking forward to most coming into Guild Wars 2’s release?
[Sage] Two things actually.
1. Guesting. I can’t wait to come visit all of you guys, and let you show off your guilds, activities, and events. I am so looking forward to making clips promoting you by your works, not just by websites and forums.
2. The Sylvari. As the race my viewers voted me to play on launch I have stayed away from any spoilers regarding them, and in the BWE3 I will play Asura, and leave the Grove and its inhabitants all pristine and unspoiled for release! I will make every other selection on the “playthrough-character” (if such a term can be used for an MMO) random; profession, background, looks, but Sylvari was decided by vote and I will happily abide by it.

Thank you SageLikeOne for joining us this week, and hopefully you the readers enjoyed learning more about this prominent youtuber.
Until next time!

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