FANtastic Friday (Saturday) – Top 10’s

After a long hiatus we kick off what will hopefully be the start of many more FANtastic Fridays to come!
For those of you who haven’t seen the previous FANtastic Friday, we get sites in our friends programme to make a post/video/whatever about a certain topic and aggregate them here for you to enjoy. So without further ado here is this weeks FANtastic Friday with ‘Top 10’s’

Side Note: You may notice this comes on a Saturday, next time however this will be posted on a Friday.

Elemental Attunement – Top 10 Fire Skills

Here comes the flames! I give you the top 10 fire skills for the elementalist!

SageLikeOne – Top Ten about making game-footage!

And here it is, my top ten gripes, hints, ideas and constructive criticism for people posting clips on the internet of gameplay.
And oh yes, this is WAY better in HD and fullscreen, as some of the effects get lost otherwise.

Dragon Season – What Guild Wars 2 Does Differently

Following the relatively recent storm of information of every kind (videos, blog posts, articles, forum posts) which fell like a refreshing rain upon our news-thirsty heads, springing from the first two ‘open’ beta weekends of Guild Wars 2, one thing became apparent beyond any doubt and (pre-)assumption of disbelief:ArenaNet did not just make wild claims with their ‘design manifesto’ it’s expressed more than 2 years ago already. Their game, almost complete now, proves that they deliver the marvelous or even heretic things they’ve promised us…

… So, here comes a dissertation which could be titled:

“APPROXIMATELY 10 things that GW2 does
ENTIRELY different (from other MMOs)
Now go have a read of these wonderful entries and be sure to visit their sites and tell them how awesome they are! Until next Satur… err Friday!