Forbes on ArenaNet’s Focus on the Fans

Forbes has released a new article about ArenaNet, and their parent company NCSoft, talking specifically about the dedication the company has shown to their fans. The full article can be viewed here.

In the article there is an extended video interview with Community Manager, Martin Kerstein; and a peak at a fan-made, life-sized Charr that travels around ArenaNet studios.

They also speak with Executive Producer Mike O’Brien who says:

[anet]“How we’ve built our company is that we’re very iterative when designing games. “We do like 20 new versions of our game a day and we constantly tweak gameplay according to what’s working. We bring in external testers, alpha testers for a long time and they play these new versions. We’re also able to get broad feedback from players. We’ve all been trained to read alpha forums for years now. Everybody reads them. We have really thick skin. We’re providing a service to our customers and if there’s something our customers aren’t getting, we need to make it more clear, or make the system more fun so that it becomes second nature once the game is released.”

-Mike O’Brien[/anet]

As for the all important question of the release date? Forbes says the announcement will be “soon”.

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