GameSpy Compares GW2 and SWTOR


Today, GameSpy’s Leif Johnson took a look at Guild Wars 2 (GW2) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), and compared some of SWTOR’s faults with some of what he sees as GW2’s successes. The comparisons are easy to see; SWTOR was one of the most hyped games on last year, Bioware spent hundreds of millions of dollar, producing what everyone was sure would be a blockbuster hit, only to have it quickly fizzle (at least compared to pre-launch predictions) amongst fan frustration over seemingly basic gameplay issues.

After the second Beta Weekend event, some feared that Guild Wars 2 might be missing the boat as well, when fans took to the forums with, admittedly, some legitimate concerns. In his article, Leif brings up 5 good points that show why he believes GW2 and ArenaNet will succeed where SWTOR and Bioware failed:

1. Story Doesn’t Get in the Way of Gameplay
2. Guild Wars 2 Understands MMORPGs Should Be About Player Interaction
3. Guild Wars 2’s World Feels Much More Alive
4. Guild Wars 2 Doesn’t Have a Traditional Endgame
5. So Far, ArenaNet is Better at Addressing Player Concerns Than BioWare

So if you’re hesitant about certain aspects of Guild Wars 2, be sure to check out the full article at GameSpy.

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