Guardians of Tyria | Tirzah Bauer talks about the guardian

Varyn over at Guardians of Tyria had the opportunity to talk to Tirzah Bauer, environment artist for ArenaNet and part of the team that designed the Battle of Kyhlo PvP map. Tirzah was part of ArenaNet’s PvP team at gamescom and PAX Prime, where she played a female asura guardian. In the interview she shares some insights about the guardian profession, specifically in PvP. Which is nice, since we don’t usually hear a lot about how the guardian plays.

My guardian was a hybrid of offense and defense. I wanted to make sure that I could survive a fight as well as hit hard enough to scare off any attacker, especially if it was a single player in a 1v1 situation.  Sword/scepter main-hand weapons are pretty offensive and my off-hand weapons were used for defense.  If I wanted to go purely defense, I would have gone with mace/shield and hammer weapon sets.  This weapon combination makes you irritatingly hard to kill, but it’s also very difficult to be a threat, so the enemy team will eventually beat you down. With the hybrid build, I can do a little of both depending on the situation.

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