Guild Wars 2 Anniversary plans – Get ready to celebrate from 20 August

It’s almost a year since Guild Wars 2 launched into the world of MMOs and Colin Johanson has been busy teasing about what they have planned to celebrate. Speaking to IGN, Johanson says:

“We’re going to do a release on the 20th that is intended to be our big anniversary release celebration. That release is intended not only to provide a lot of awesome content for people to experience, but to also set the tone for what they should expect for the living world and the types of things we want to do with events in the year to come.

“It takes the story of the last year and brings it all together. It makes it clear where everything has been going and really closes a lot of open questions that players have had. It’s a story that really affects the entire world and permanently creates content and change for the entire world game-wide, which is really something that’s important to us and we want to showcase that that’s where stuff is headed.

I think we have some really ambitious plans for next year for what we want to do with the event system, and this kind of showcases a little step of where that can go.”

To celebrate the fact that your characters are one year old, gifts will also be handed out to players but Johanson has not said what that gift will be.

Are you ready to celebrate?

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