Guild Spotlight – Blade and Rose [BaR]

Continuing our trek through the GWO Alliance we talk to Guild Leader Arcanum of Blade and Rose [BaR] — settled on the lovely Imperial Isle.  Arcanum was kind enough to sit down and talk about the guild…



GWOnline: How did you come across Guild Wars?  What games did you play beforehand?   

Arcanum: I first learned about Guild Wars via a very good friend of mine. He showed it to me and I bought it the next day. I think it was roughly a week after the launch, meaning I missed the Beta *sad-face*. I have always been a fan of multiple genres, but so far I keep returning to RTS, FPS and (MMO)RPG’s. Over the years I must have played dozens and dozens of different games, but Guild Wars is definitely one of the games I’ve stuck with the longest and I think it might even be the game I have spend the most time with!

GWOnline: When did you become part of the community?

Arcanum: The join date on the profile states 17-10-2005. It was several years later that I actually joined one of the GWO-guilds (BaR), so I’ve spend a lot of time on the forums even before joining one of the guilds. When I was still in my previous guild (Daunting Tempest) I already had a few friends on the forums and we played on a pretty regular basis ingame.


Blade and Rose [BaR]

GWOnline: BaR was founded by Quintus Antonious and Germanus Octavious near the launch of Guild Wars.  How has the guild evolved since you joined?

Arcanum: When I joined, Barinthus was already the GL so I missed out on the founders (Germanus Octavious was already noted as offline for over 2 years). There was a bit of a subgroup of players within BaR, known as the “XM”-Crew (eXtreme Mode), which I have been a part of from pretty much the beginning. Seeing as how activity overall (not the just BaR but GW in general) was declining, the XM-crew was probably one of the more active groups within BaR. This sparked quite some tension within the guild and the alliance at several points, but those issues have (luckily) been resolved one way or another. In the last few weeks BaR has seen a rise in activity, with the return of Quintus Antonious and several others from their hiatus. I haven’t really seen a real evolution of the guild, as BaR has always been a relaxed-and-friendly environment.

GWOnline: What is BaR’s history with the GWO Alliance?

Arcanum: I’m afraid that I don’t really know the answer to this question *shame*. All I can say is that BaR has been a proud member of the GWO Alliance for as long as I have been a part of it and we’re hoping to continue this into GW2!

GWOnline: Does the guild still keep original members among its ranks?

Arcanum: BaR has tried to avoid kicking members that have been away for a while, even though at several points in the past there were suggestions of cleaning the roster (in the hope of attracting new players). There have been players kicked from the guild for prolonged inactivity in the past, but there has always been a very clear exception to this. Anyone who stated that they would go inactive, but preferred to stay in the guild, would never be removed from the roster. This list also includes (obviously) both founders, all former GL’s and Officers.

GWOnline: What does BaR expect from members, and what can members expect of BaR?

Arcanum: The only real expectation that BaR has from its members is that they behave themselves (both ingame and in the Chat channels). Seeing as how we’re getting closer and closer to the release of GW2, it would be unfair towards the players to expect more things (like high activity). How (or If) the expectation pattern will change when GW2 is released, is something that I can’t really say anything about, as it isn’t clear yet how BaR will be run in a new environment like GW2.

The members of BaR can expect to find a friendly place, in both the Guild and the Alliance. We’re trying the best we can to keep everyone happy and involved and we’re definitely planning to keep this same philosophy in the GW2 BaR guild!

GWOnline:  There a good number of BaR members who were (and still are) influential in the Guild Wars lore “big bang”; from this, has lore been an influential part of the guild?

Arcanum: I have personally never really digged into the GW-lore and ever since I’ve joined BaR, there hasn’t been any real mention of it. The closest I’ve come to doing lore-related things was going on exploration tours with Aoi Enishi (also known as Sabriel / Sab). He knows a lot more about the lore than I do. The two of us had a blast when during an event (unfortunately I cannot recall exactly which one) there was this epic dungeon (comprised of many dungeons / missions from Eye of the North), open for exploration. We’ve spent hours running, taking screenshots and everything.

GWOnline: The cape is clear in terms of the guild name, but is there a meaning behind the name?

Arcanum: From my point of view, Blade and Rose stands for the combination of a competitive, active guild (Blade) and on the other hand a friendly and nice play to stay (Rose). The emblem has been the same for as long as I can remember, the colour patterns change every now and then.

GWOnline: I recall the first Mursaat Rally–what other community events has BaR been involved with over the years?          

Arcanum: Unfortunately I don’t know this. I believe that BaR has been involved in the special like events like Halloween and Canthan New Year to help with the feasts, hosting of districts and such.

GWOnline: Things are ramping up since pre-purchases went live.  How has your guild been taking all the news?  What are they looking forward to so far?

Arcanum: I think that most of us are thrilled about GW2. I’ve heard about several players who pre-purchased (myself included) and we are slowly preparing ourselves for our migration to GW2. The news that the release is coming closer also sparks an increase of activity, as more players are trying to get more points for their Hall of Monuments. Most of us are looking forward to seeing the guild continue into GW2 and we will work hard to make it a success again.

GWOnline: Are you liking what has been released regarding guilds in GW2?  Is there anything you have not seen yet that you would like to see?

Arcanum: The option to split your characters over multiple guilds seems to be both a blessing and a curse. The system as it is in GW1 means that all your characters are in a single guild, making it easy to keep track of activity via the Roster. When you are technically splitting yourself over multiple guilds, it might complicate things a little bit. But on the other hand it means that you can, for example, have your PvE characters in one guild and keep a PvP-character or two in more pure PvP-oriented guilds. That way guilds can specialize more (instead of becoming hybrids) and in my opinion that can be a good thing.

GWOnline: What is BaR doing preparation-wise as a guild in anticipation of the cross-over into GW2?

Arcanum: On the forum and on our Facebook page, we have been talking about the future of BaR in GW2. One thing is sure: BaR will return! The only thing we haven’t really decided upon is who will boot it up. Some people are pointing in my direction (while at the same time Quintus is saying that he won’t volunteer), as I am the current GL. So it might turn out that I’ll be the last GL of BaR in GW1 and the first of BaR in GW2, that might be an interesting transition *smile*.

GWOnline: Coming up next in this alliance focus is a spotlight on the guild The Order of Dii [Dii]!


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