Guild Spotlight – Blood Of The Martyr [Hope]


On the serene Imperial Isle with cherry blossoms and solemn Canthan architecture our series takes us to the GWO Alliance guild Blood of the Martyr [Hope].  Guild Officer – and one of the founding members – Twyst sits down to talk about the Guild…



GWOnline: What would your gaming history reveal?

Twyst: My earliest electronic gaming memories are of playing Centipede or Galaga at the grocery store while waiting for my mom to check out. I didn’t start computer gaming until the early 90’s, and most of those memories are of listening to the monsters of Doom groaning in the other room (husband playing) while I tried to go sleep as our first child was born that year. I played Wolfenstein when I got the chance, and tried Myst and Neverwinter Nights. When I got stuck on a quest (and got killed by a spawn camper when I got adventurous and tried an open server), I gave up. I discovered Mahjongg as much safer alternative and played that most every night while my husband played MechWarrior for something like eight years. And then Guild Wars started.

GWOnline: How long have you been playing Guild Wars and when did you join up with the GWO community?

Twyst: Guild Wars got me hook line and sinker in August of 2005, when my husband talked me into playing as a birthday gift to him (he started in the betas). His buddies that had started in the game with him had lost interest but he still wanted to play, and it did look fun – I was nervous after the NwN debacle, but acquiesced since he would be able to come along with me. He made a new character (a monk) just to follow me around – my axe-wielding warrior girl. I was quickly much braver, and by December, had three characters and did most of the third one’s leveling in the Ascalon Arena-but out-leveled Ascalon in the first snowball arena! We used GWO’s very popular trading post for selling special drops, so we were familiar with GWO long before we joined the alliance.


Blood Of The Martyr [Hope]


GWOnline: How did you become involved with [Hope]?

Twyst: I was one of the founding members. [Hope] broke away from a much larger, exclusively private multi-game community. We had been members there for three years and we received GoTW under my leadership. The resultant population explosion (we grew from two guilds to five guilds – we were one of those mega-guilds that used the alliance feature to be one gigantic guild, not an alliance of individual guilds the way GWO is) brought problems for our PvP team and our hard-mode players, so after months of wrestling with these difficulties, we formed our own guild.

GWOnline: GWOnline: [Hope] organized as a guild and joined the GWO Alliance in 2008. Were the members of [Hope] long active with the GWO community beforehand?

Twyst: Falaria and I were the primary active GWO community members prior to [Hope] joining ULGG and then merging with GWO shortly after. Our other members are better known in-game around alliance chat and helping random strangers rather than on the forums.

GWOnline: GWOnline: Visiting your Guild’s forums it looks like you have members playing Combat Arms and Warhammer Online as well. Did [Hope] start in Guild Wars to branch out as a multi-gaming guild or was [Hope] already active in playing different games together before the guild was started?

Twyst: All of our founding members (approximately 30) had been playing Guild Wars together for 2+ years, and so [Hope] started as just a Guild Wars group. A couple of the guys dabbled in Combat Arms before making it official on the forum and more have joined them, and we have also added other games to the list there as we’ve played them.

GWOnline: Are there any other games [Hope] plays as a guild?

Twsyt: A few of us play a little LotRO, Warhammer, we had a steady group in Hellgate London for quite a while, DAoC, Battlefield 2142, Star Trek Online, and several still play Combat Arms daily.

GWOnline: What is the meaning behind your Guild name and cape?

Twyst: I think we’re going to change the name for GW2. We have mentioned the possibility amongst ourselves. The cape was designed by Redvy. It’s pretty, and it’s red – Redvy’s  – and my – favorite color! No meaning. (if you really want more about the meaning of the name, I’ll have to refer you to Redvy and Guan, who actually made the guild a day or two before the rest of us came over).

Redvy: Redvy: The name of Blood of the martyr if I’m not mistaken came from the idea of sacrificing for a greater good. As in working together as a team and sacrificing for us to accomplish the mission/quest.  (The tag) [Hope] came because of the martyrs believing in hope for future generations.

GWOnline: The GW-wiki says you are a mostly PvE oriented Guild in Guild Wars, what are some things the Guild enjoys working on together?

Twyst: We definitely have made sure to go through and tick off the lists for everyone – Urgoz, The Deep, vanquisher titles, and more. If there is an area or quest line to tackle, we do everything we can to make sure everyone that wants to has gotten to do it. Unfortunately we never fully recovered our PvP team and at best we did a little team arena here and there, and lots of alliance battles, but no more GvG.

GWOnline: You mention PvP earlier on as well, did [Hope] start out more on the PvP side of Guild Wars after coming from GotW?

Twsyt: Most of the members were and are PvE oriented, but they all cheered on the core PvP team and took great pride in watching us on obs mode.

GWOnline: The GW-wiki also especially notes Alliance Battles, is the Guild excited for the new WvW of GW2?

Twyst: Yes we certainly did enter alliance battles with a vengeance for a couple years there; this has tapered off now. We are all eagerly awaiting GW2, and WvW being as huge as it is will certainly excite most all of our members. I can imagine we will be working together and planning, coordinating multiple groups and converging on areas to take.

GWOnline: What are some things that have worked in making [Hope] successful as a guild?

Twyst: We are always helping each other however we can. We are open to members coming and going to learn from other guilds and then coming back and teaching us new tricks.

GWOnline: How is [Hope] preparing itself as a guild for the transition into GW2?

Twyst: We’ve made sure everyone has managed to get the things they need for their Hall of Monuments, encouraging each other, helping and sharing alike. As old members return with more and more news coming out about GW2, discussions are getting exciting (we do most of our talking on our Facebook group nowadays).

GWOnline: What are some guild features you would like to see in GW2?


• As Grond of GWO mentioned, I too am hoping there will be officer identifiers in guild/alliance chat (text color or a star or something).

• I hope we will have some way to put items into an available pool for all guild members. Often there are items that we hold on to for years knowing some one could use them, but getting them to the person in need is often difficult across time zones and across the globe. While forum lists of items up for grabs do the job, they simply aren’t as efficient as putting an item in a box for any member to retrieve in-game whenever they like.

• In-game mail would be incredibly helpful as well, as there are many people who prefer to avoid forums – no matter what guild I’ve been in, it seems about 80% of the membership does not use the forum even if they are required to join on sign-up – and I completely understand as spending time on a forum sucks time away from playing the game: when people have families and jobs, game time is limited – and a mail system would help so much in getting messages to those members (I saw a mail feature in one of the press beta weekend videos so this looks to already be in place).

• I would also like there to be an obvious game clock on the UI somewhere so that team coordination would be simpler, eliminating the need to calculate everyone’s time zone and daylight savings or lack thereof when planning big PvE outings or PvP matches.

• Personally I am very excited that we will be able to have different characters in different multiple guilds as I greatly miss the teamwork of GvG and am looking forward to participating in competitive PvP again especially the 5v5 format, but at the same time do not want to miss out on adventuring with my old friends, and this way I can do both.

GWOnline: Thank you Twyst for your time in sharing about [Hope].  Next up you will find a guild whose name hearkens from slaying a certain demon, The Order Of Dii [Dii]!


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