Guild Spotlight – Husaria Pol [HSR]


While the March GW2 beta sign-ups draw near we look at another Guild Wars PvP competitive guild Husaria Pol [HSR].  Coming to us from Poland is S H A K U R A S who shares about [HSR] as well as gives impressions on PvP.  Strap on your battle gear, and press “more” to head out with this cavalry!


Husaria Pol [HSR]

GWOnline: Husaria Pol started in October 2007 originally as a PvE guild.  How did [HSR] come together – how many members were there at the time?

S H A K U R A S: Husaria was created in another game, Silkroad. After we did everything that was possible there, we started looking for a new game. The very first members of [HSR] was me, Thief, and Pyjter – we created this guild here.

GWOnline: Shortly after its formation though, [HSR] started to play GvG.  Were there members already active in competitive PvP at the time to help push in this direction – or is competitive PvP something the members and guild as a whole learned through practice and experience?

S H A K U R A S: Almost all of us were complete newbs in GvG – we dropped from top 1000 to 4000, we had a 960 rating after we started to play GvG. After a month of regularly playing ladder we were able to finally get top 1000 – we got a lot of help from friendship guilds Gramy Trzy po Trzy and Sonic Warlords [dB]. After some guests from their sides we were able to play alone and start wining some matches. In [HSR] we had only two people with some experience in GvG, Andy and Brother – latter joined Smerf with much experience in Hero way *smile*. We improved rating after Czort joined us and made top 300. The lineup from first MAT was: Me, Czort, Smerf, Flawless (?), Herbi, Papug, Kenny, and Brother. So it looks like we did a big step forward from 2009 to 2011.

GWOnline: [HSR] is listed as participating in GvG Championships as late as 2009.  Did the guild participate in MATs earlier or was most GvG practice unranked beforehand?

S H A K U R A S: We started to play GvG something like – summer 2008, after we finished playing AB and finally got one of the cities *smile*. We made a fusion with another guild [MG], from which we got Kenny (I think) and Bloody (quit after a few GvG). We played some unranked matches and then begin the long way from 1000 to 4000, then 1000, top 500, 200, etc.

GWOnline: Your team has ranked more in the top ten this past year – what has contributed to this improvement for [HSR]? 

S H A K U R A S: We decided to take Germans *^^*, but seriously, [HSR] never was a true top ten guild cause we never got eight people like [awsm], [LaG], or other guilds – cause of many reasons we lost usually four people each month. So every month was like beginning from zero.

GWOnline: Even though a Polish based guild, you have taken players from other countries as well, especially for GvG.

S H A K U R A S: Yes, in PvE, AB and the beginning of GvG we were a pure Polish guild. The first international player in [HSR] was Flawless or Fifty (Four Cent), I don’t remember who was the first one.

GWOnline: Husaria was the elite Polish heavy cavalry of the 16th – 18th centuries.  Does this name mean anything in particular for the guild?

S H A K U R A S: No, it was just a name. 90% of people who are playing here don’t know what their guild name even means. 

GWOnline: Being a primarily PvP guild now, does [HSR] still take time for PvE?

S H A K U R A S: We had many leachers in [HSR], but I stopped playing regular PvE in 2008. Sometimes, but really on occasion I do some PvE with old members.

GWOnline: How has membership changed since 2007?  Are there a lot of members who contribute as far as backups – you also mentioned leechers?

S H A K U R A S: In [HSR] we always got many leechers (50 members), but mostly it was old inactive players or just cape leechers – we never got true backups players.  Only sometimes when my old people like Smerf, Nexxis, and Kenny wanted to casually play again they were backup until they were able to play normal GvG.
GWOnline: How was the experience winning the November GvG Championship of 2011?

S H A K U R A S: Oh it was a difficult month, I had to make difficult decisions with line up – Era made problems like always *smile*.  We weren’t good prepared for this MAT, but like last month – after not so good ATs – we played really good GvG during the MAT. It was a good time in [HSR] because by two months we almost did not change lineup and we could only concentrate on playing GvG, without looking for new players.

GWOnline: A lot of other competitive guilds usually have moments of reformation for MATs.  How has it been keeping the same guild name for a long time? 

S H A K U R A S: I decided to play in one guild, but in the last month unfortunately it was impossible, so [it was the] first time I played in another guild. We couldn’t find a Prot and Ranger.  All the people who applied or were asked quit after two days or were undecided. So after five years [HSR]’s time finally came, but I’m happy that I made the first gold there, not in any other guild.

GWOnline: What team did [HSR] play under last MAT?

S H A K U R A S: [HSR] is not playing at the moment – I’m member of [Dzik].

GWOnline: Does [HSR] have plans to come back in the future?

S H A K U R A S: No, I have no plans to reform [HSR], mostly because  some people don’t want to play in [HSR] again, and I feel really good in [Dzik] – and am not even thinking about reform, I think its definitely over for [HSR].


PvP in a late Guild Wars meta

GWOnline: To have died, or not to have died – is PvP “dead” in Guild Wars, what are your thoughts?

S H A K U R A S: Guild Wars is dead and its fact; unfortunately the main reason is not because the game is “old”, but incomprehensible decisions of ANet are killing this game… like buff of Ele, or being balanced once a year.

GWOnline: Europe does seem more active in competitive PvP right now; exemplified perhaps through the doubled number of active European guilds over other regions.  What are your impressions on this European interest in the current Guild Wars Meta?

S H A K U R A S: Nothing, I think people are playing only because there are not any more interesting PvP games for them, or have “old” squads who want to play together.

GWOnline: Even though GW1 and Gw2 will obviously play differently from each other – would you recommend players interested in competitive PvP start with the current meta, or wait for GW2?

S H A K U R A S: Its a difficult question, because GW 2 – its a completely different game, so basically in my opinion experience in Guild Wars will not affect skill in GW2. But in my opinion people before GW2 should see and tryout Guild Wars.

GWOnline: There has been focus on the Split Mesmer as well as aspects of the Elementalist after the update – what are your impressions?

S H A K U R A S: As many people know, I love balanced builds – [HSR] was for a long time (when it was possible) known as a balanced guild. Now to be honest I would like to definitely kick out from GvG Dervs and stupid OP Earth Elementalists, or just wards and splits! *smile*.

GWOnline: Out of the current GvG maps – for any guild – what would the most important general tactics to use be?

S H A K U R A S: Just to not flame like me – when you are not fighting with your own guild you can beat almost every guild in game, because the level in Guild Wars is actually seriously low.

GWOnline: You mention liking balance, do you think the current meta is balanced?  If not what would you like to see nerfed/buffed?

S H A K U R A S: Nerf Split Mesmers, Balthazar Dervs, Earth Eles, some of [the] Water Ele skills and then we can see what new meta builds are created. But I think then we should start looking at hammer bars (this with weakness and blind) and Necros.  After this – all of these nerfs, we can think about any buffs and create a new meta of builds.


Looking forward, PvP in Guild Wars 2

GWOnline: A lot have shown excitement over PvP so far in GW2.  What are some of your impressions from what has been released?

S H A K U R A S: To be honest I don’t like PvP in GW2, but I’ll for sure try to play it and then decide.

GWOnline: How do you see team build creation to reflect the more self sustainability of professions in GW2?

S H A K U R A S: I don’t like it, I always like the idea of a healing class in Guild Wars, but definitely I don’t like [the] new Mesmer and Ranger, without interrupts – Guild Wars losing it – was completely unique in this game.

GWOnline: Are there any professions that have particularly interested members of [HSR]?

S H A K U R A S: No *smile*.

GWOnline: Have you had the opportunity to play any demos of GW2?

S H A K U R A S: No.

GWOnline: There is still a lot yet to be unveiled as far as PvP.  What are some things you would like to see in GW2 PvP not yet touched upon?

S H A K U R A S: Yes, I would like to see a Monk class, interrupts, and less self heal and dodge in Gw2 *smile*.

GWOnline: We thank S H A K U R A S for their time in meeting.

S H A K U R A S: Pozdrowienia dla Reya i Zipa *smile*.

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