Guild Spotlight – The Order of Dii [Dii]

We take our GWO Alliance tour now to the Frozen Isles were hell may have actually frozen over as we meet and greet with The Order of [Dii].  Guild Leader Lensor and crew threw in a collective potluck of answers to our questions and intrigue…



 GWOnline: When did you join and The Order of Dii?

Lensor: I was originally a member at the Diablo II forums (go figure) and all the members from there were automatically made members also of the Guild Wars site back then. So even though my join date at the forums is listed as March 2005, I only started visiting GWOnline sometime in the fall of that year. I joined The Order of Dii October 10, 2006, and have been with the guild ever since.

GWOnline: What makes up your gaming background?

Lensor: I have always been a one-game-at-a-time type of person. Sure I play other games casually when I have the time, and I’ve tried out loads of games, but there is always that one game at a time I really get into (incidentally I am also pretty much the opposite of an altoholic in game). The very first one was actually Tetris on an old NES in the early 90s. I was incredibly good at that game! My first RPG obsession was Heroes of Might and Magic III. After that I started playing Diablo II. Then there was Guild Wars, the game that I just got because “it was made by some Diablo II dudes”. I’ve yet to get over that particular obsession!


The Order of Dii [Dii]

GWOnline: Dii hearkens back to gamers from IncGamers Diablo 2 forums.  Are there still members hearkening from the Guild Wars World Preview Event?

Lensor: Yes we do still have members in the guild from back then. Others of the original members are, while not members in the guild any more still active at the forum and we do keep in touch. It is really a special thing to be part of a guild that has been around for so long. In that time a lot of the original people have left and a lot of new people have arrived, and thus the guild has evolved. But it has also stayed the same in many ways. “Change may be slow, but the foundations are strong”, is a good cliche metaphor to describe it I guess. For instance, we still refer to ourselves as a guild with our roots in Diablo II although probably half of the current members never played that game at all. *smile*

GWOnline: Now that Diablo 3 has come out, is there any notion to changing the name of the guild from D2?

Lensor: Haha, this is maybe the most common question we get nowadays. The answer is no. Even though a lot of our guildies are currently busy killing horrible amalgamations in Diablo 3 we will not be changing our name any time soon. We are The Order of Dii, and The Order of Dii we will remain.

GWOnline: Is there a preference for either PvE or PvP in the Guild?

Lensor: These days people are mostly finishing up their Hall of Monuments or bumming around in other games waiting for Guild Wars 2, but from the beginning PvP was a big part of guild activities. We were even ranked in the Top 50 for some time. Over the years it has shifted more to PvE, much due to that it was difficult to consistently field a full team of 8 for GvG. The bad part of being an international guild I guess, even though we did hold a tier 1 guild rank e-mote as late as last November. We do have several people interested in (and good at!) PvP and I see the emote as a testament to their willingness and competence to teach those of us less PvP savvy to hold our own (I am very proud of them!). In any case, we are very much looking forward to becoming a competent guild in both sPvP and WvW, as well as PvE, in Guild Wars 2.

GWOnline: What does Dii like to do as a Guild for fun?

Lensor: What is this “fun” you speak of? Didn’t you hear, gaming is serious business! Seriously though, I think all the time spent with the guild is fun, from late-night discussing of ancient greek literature, to finishing Fissure of Woe with only three players due to disconnects, to watching one of our guildies coming up with one pun worse (or is that “better”?) than the next in Alliance Chat. One of my guildies shared this story as an example from the very dawn of the guild: “Our first guild leader (Xircon) went AFK “briefly” for a coffee break on a trek from Beacon’s Perch to L.A. And by briefly, I mean 1+ hour, in a scenario where the rest of us died about 5 mins after he went AFK, meaning we got nowhere fast. We were all on teamspeak, cheering every time a red dot seemed to get close to his character, hoping one would finally kill him so that we’d all res. Alas, no such luck. We ended up giving in after waiting and hoping for an hour and re-did the run. He still wasn’t back by the time we made it to L.A.” I think this anecdote is a great example on how it in Dii is not finishing first that matters the most, but how much fun you have with your friends, even when “failing”.

We do have some extra special things we do to spice things up though. One thing is that we have a pretty awesome birthday celebration every year on the 1st of November, hopefully the next one will be in Guild Wars 2. We have games, races, trivia questions, raffles, and just a general smashing time. We have also started doing guild raffles that we run through the forum, as a fun and fair way to distribute some surplus HoM points. Finally we have the last few years hosted Canthan New Years districts together with the alliance, which is always great fun.

GWOnline: What Guild related additions would you like to see in GW2?

Lensor: I asked the guild for input on this question, and one of the answers I got was “Being able to put a member in a suspended metal cage and leave him in a public place to be pecked at by preying birds. Seriously, that would be awesome!”. I am not sure what to make of that.. Moving on, we are very excited about some of the changes we have already seen, like the ability to make one’s own ranks – we are totally making a one-person rank of Guild Jester. The ability to participate in guild chat from portable devices seems super nice too, especially for an international guild such as ours. I would very much like to see an improved in-game guild message interface, with separate panes for log-in messages and static messages where one could put things like forum links and voice chat server passwords. I am also looking forward to what ArenaNet might come up with regarding Guild Halls. Finally I would like to take this chance to plead for the return of alliances. Our alliance (GWOnline Alliance of Friends) is very important to us, and I really do not want to lose Alliance Chat. If I could ask ArenaNet for one thing and one thing only for Guild Wars 2, that would be it.

GWOnline: Stay tuned for the last few guilds of the GWO Alliance as we draw neigh to the end of this spotlight series!

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