GW2 Addresses the Next Beta Weekend Event…Sort Of

Today, ArenaNet’s Social Media Coordinator, Rubi Bayer posted a short update on Facebook to address the growing cries for more Beta Weekend Events (BWE). Many in the community had speculated that there would be an event this coming weekend, May 25-28; due to it being the last weekend in May, a holiday weekend in America, one month after the last BWE, and occurring a week and a half after the recent stress test.

[anet]We know you are all very eager to begin the next Beta Weekend Event. Our community did an amazing job in the previous Beta Weekend Event and stress tests, providing our team with great feedback. Our goal has always been to do this right and treat the beta testing process as what it should be: a way to work out the bugs beforehand and give you the best game we possibly can at launch.

With that as our goal, the development team is working extremely hard to address your current feedback and prepare Guild Wars 2 for the next Beta Weekend Event. Once they’re finished, they’ll be ready for you to head back to Tyria for the next phase of testing.

We’re going to adhere to a monthly schedule as much as feedback and development allow, so it may be a little more or a little less each time, depending on how things progress. For now, we will have more information on upcoming Beta Weekend Events and stress tests as soon as we’re able, and we thank each of you for being an important part of the creation of Guild Wars 2.[/anet]

What does this mean for fans of Guild Wars 2 hoping that they will have some play time this week? Many are now speculating that we will not see a BWE this weekend, and accordingly, not see a true BWE this month.

This, while not being the answer most fans want to hear, is a logical reaction. It is unlikely that many ArenaNet employees want to work what is sure to be a lot of long hours over a weekend that is generally reserved for backyard Barbeques and Main Street parades. There has also been continuing issues in game, such as the partying and overflow systems, that ArenaNet likely wants to address before another BWE.

So that leads fans to wonder, just when will the next BWE be? We will just have to wait to see because for now, ArenaNet’s not talking.