Guild Wars 2 Dungeons Update

As well as the underwater combat update, ArenaNet has also released a new page entitled ‘Into the Dungeons’ in which¬†Jeff Grubb discusses the Dungeons in the game and the different types of Dungeons available to players. Here’s a snip:

Each of our dungeons is divided into story and explorable versions. The story version of each dungeon comes first, and completing it unlocks the ability to run the explorable version. In turn, the explorable versions of the dungeons have several options (usually three), each of which creates a different set of challenges and goals in the game. So, when we say that there are currently eight dungeons, we really mean there are thirty-two dungeons, as each dungeon has a story version and three explorable versions.

When you are done with that check out this Catacombs Dungeons video.

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