Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest Coming Up

It’s October, and it’s that time of year: candy corns, Mad King, and last but not least, Halloween Contest!

With Guild Wars 2 up and running, however, things are a bit different this year: they are asking crafters for a Guild Wars 2 diorama. A diorama is a 3-D model of a scenery depicted using props like figurines and objects, normally in a miniature size. What’s fun about diorama is that it can use all sorts of materials, from gummy bears to Play-Doh, even duct tapes if you are into those. To those of you who had been distancing themselves from the contests because they don’t feel comfortable with drawing, this might be a chance to find that artistic side of yours.

There are only small bits of information out at this time, but in the meanwhile, you can visit the official announcement made on the Guild Wars 2 Community News page and check out what they have to say about this contest.

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