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Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase has started! (some media reports: Gaming Target, Examiner, Digital Entertainment News, Destructoid, MarketWatch), and it will run until shortly before launch as permitted by server loads (Forum Discussion). And with it a predictable amount of chaos – Retailers sold out from day one, confusions about which retailers have which editions, payment issues, people being issued used codes and so on and so forth. Luckily it seems like most problems are being solved, even though there are still some clouds to scatter. Also on Friday there was a final server stress test (still under NDA, so if you participated, don’t tell anyone!) that of course was leaked and spawned some indignation among pre-purchasers that they were not invited. However, this was not a Beta Event, the first one of those will be in the end of April (no set date yet) according to ArenaNet.

The week also had two official blog posts detailing the making of of the Collector Edition (Rytlock figurine, Art book) and of course loads and loads of videos, podcasts and articles. And we made friends with Talk Tyria!

Finally, since the amount of Guild Wars 2-related content is now reaching critical amounts, I will from now on make a sorted list like before, but only comment on some of the highlights from the week. Follow after the jump and see how it works out! 😀


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