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ArenaNet finally announced the date of the first Beta Test Weekend – April 27-29! It had been known for some time that it would be some time during “end of April”, but many had speculated this weekend since the next one is also Guild Wars 1’s 7th birthday celebrations. Looks like next weekend will be a busy one! The Sylvari or Asura races will still not be available for play, but will get to visit Lion’s Arch for the very first time, which should be a real treat. For those eager to know more of the Sylvari, it might be interesting to know that the latest issue of Gameinformer does have an article about the Sylvari starting area and story (no online version atm, sorry). Meanwhile, ArenaNet is preparing the beta forums, and while they are very much a work-in-progress they are coming along.

In Guild Wars 1 there was the MS Toga party on Saturday April 21. A great initiative by GW-EN and Gamers Giving Back, among others, raising over $3,000! The event was also a blast to attend, and really shows what a great community we have.

In other news, we at GWOnline are busy preparing for the beta. We are also looking for more people to join the team! By the way, did you know that you can share all your favourite Guild Wars 2 videos at GWOnline TV? We got categories for pretty much everything, including Machinima, Professions, Press coverage and PvP. And you can make your own Guild Wars 2 blog right here at the site. Something to think about after next weekend :)

Oh, and we made friends with Black Star Radio and Italian fan site Ebohawke!



  • The Beta Weekend Event is Coming! ArenaNet announced the date for the first Beta Weekend Event for pre-purchasers (and others with promotional beta access), and made this blog post for the details. Telling us that among other things, we will get to visit Lion’s Arch for the very first time! (Forum discussion)
  • Guild Wars 2 Facebook: ArenaNet kicked off a new likes campaign, promising a new piece of art for every 10,000 likes, with a big one when/if they reach 500,000 likes. They started out with about 460,000 and already released one image – of Eir exploring underwater. (Forum discussion)

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