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After a couple of weeks of downtime we are back with a new and improved Guild Wars 2 Weekly! There is still work to be done, but I thought I would present this work-in-progress to you guys for a test drive. This is part of an ongoing effort to help the community to stay on top of interesting new Guild Wars 2 content without having to visit a hundred sites individually or setting up all those RSS feeds. We will also go through everything so that the list only contains original content, and try to list things as close to the horse’s mouth as possible (e.g. you will not find fifty entries reporting the latest ArenaNet blog post here). The list consists of various fansites, podcasts, YouTube channels and blogs as well as some more mainstream news outlets. As many reputable ones as we could find in fact. If I have missed any, just drop me a PM, and I will be more than happy to add them! :)

Source Source Type Original GW2 Update? Key GW2 Update(s)
ArenaNet Blog   Yes Mike O’Brien on the Guild Wars 2 Beta (discussion)
Link Roundup – Beta Weekend Event
Guild Wars 2 on Facebook  facebook Yes Beta stress test Monday May 14 (discussion)
Guild Wars 2 on Twitter  Twitter Yes Stress test tips and a new screenshot
ArenaNet on Twitter  Twitter Yes Job opening – Game Support Lead
BuffeeArts YouTube(Arts) No
Eternal Alchemy Blog (GW2) Yes Beta footage (commented)
Gamebreaker Vidcasts (GW2) Yes ArenaNet Brings Guild Wars 2 Gem Shop Online
GuildCast Vidcast (GW2) Yes Episode 22 – Socially Acceptable
KirbyzaGamer YouTube(GW2) Yes Mesmer – Beta
GW2 e-sports
MattVisual YouTube(GW2) Yes Beta impressions
Discussion on Gems
PvP with TubeElephant and Psychopowerranger
SagelikeOne YouTube(GW2) Yes Hardware
Q&A #23 and #24
Time to get wet
Snebzor YouTube(GW2) Yes Beta top 3
Beta negatives
Tales of Lumin YouTube(Gaming) No
Tales of Tyria Vidcast (GW2) Yes Episode 30 – Red post are superior.
Lion’s Arch guided tour (Bridger being the guide)
Tubeelephant YouTube(GW2) Yes First impressions and Beta impressions
The little things
TWIMMO Vidcast (MMO) Yes Arrow to the MMO
WoodenTomatoes YouTube(GW2) Yes All the GW2 dailys + a GW2 lore blog – Hey Bookah
321spike PvP Fansite (GW2) No
Attached to Keyboard Blog (GW2) Yes GW2 Beta Weekend Servers – have your say
Boons & Conditions YouTube(GW2) Yes Q&A with Alpha Collective (video)
Podcast Episode 3 – Beta withdrawal syndrome
Capacitor Flux Blog (GW2) Yes Dancing to its own tune – A hands-on Guild Wars 2 beta preview
Condottieri Guildsite (GW2) No
Demajen Blog (Gaming) Yes 5 cool things that I didn’t find out about until after BWE1
DistilledWill Blog (GW2) No
Flameseeker Chronicles Column (GW+GW2) Yes Five things to love about Lion’s Arch Gaming Site Yes Guild Wars 2 has the best crafting in an MMO yet, and here is why
Greibach’s Normal Form Blog (GW2) No
GuildMag Fansite (GW2) Yes The Content Must Flow!
Age of Deceit – the Crowning (chapter 3)
Guild Wars 2 Hub Fansite (GW2) Yes Guide to GW2 achievments
Raining death
Dissecting PvP with Condemned (Community Spotlight)
Guild Wars 2 Journal Fansite (GW2) Yes Guild Spotlight – Ascendance
Guild Wars 2 Junkies Fansite (GW2) Yes Five reasons to love the GW2 trading post
The great difficulty debate
GuildWars2Live Videos/fansite (GW2) Yes Stress this test
GW2Live Podcast Episode 1
Guild Wars Insider Fansite (GW2) Yes Guild Wars 2 triple monitor screenshotsThe idle animations of GW2
Something stupid – My immersion!
Hunter’s Insight Blog (GW2) Yes Enginering and Engineering part 2
Just One MMOre Blog (MMO) No
Kill Ten Rats Blog (Gaming) Yes The long game
Dynamic events edutainment
The humans deserve to lose
Maloki Blog (Mixed) Yes How GW2 compares to World of Warcraft
MMORPG Gaming Site Yes Column: It just keeps getting better
Great expectations.. Met
NZXT Blog (Mixed) No
PC Gamer Gaming Site Yes Guild Wars 2 wants you to play with your friends (INTERVIEW WITH ERIC FLANNUM)
Raging Monkeys Blog (MMO) No
The Feral Engineer Engineer Blog (GW2) Yes Point defense Engineer guide
Under the Pale Tree Blog (GW2) No
Yoshi’s Guild Wars 2 hub Blog (GW2) Yes C-C-C- Combo breaker! Or really just combo
The best 46:15 of my gaming life (Beta review)
ZAM Gaming site No
Tyria Talk YouTube(GW2) Yes Episode 24 – Beta impressions
The Vigilant Blog (GW2) No
Dragon Seasons Fansite (GW2) Yes Dynamic events
KaeyiDream YouTube(GW2) Yes Beta weekend feedback
Ascalonian catacombs part 1, part 2, part 3
The Tyrian Order Fansite (GW2) Yes Guides and builds forum
Elemental Attunement Elementalist Blog (GW2) Yes BWE #1 – Coverage roundup
GW2 Evolution Fansite (GW2) No
Forbes General News Site Yes Behind The Magic Of Guild Wars 2 Inside The ArenaNet Development Studio (INTERVIEW AND ON-SITE VISIT AT ANET’s STUDIO)
Mana Obscura MMO Site No
Necrobator Necromancer Fansite (GW2) No
Decoding Dragons Blog (Gaming) No
Games Overcast Podcast (Gaming) No
GoingPostalGW YouTube(GW2) Yes In-game chat
TotalBiscuit YouTube(Gaming) No
Yogscast YouTube(Gaming) No
Bio Break Blog (RPG) Yes Middle ground (very short, but funny, post)
Girl vs. MMO Blog (MMO) Yes Full on crazy!!!
Nerdy Bookahs Blog (GW2) Yes Bookahneer’s Geekwatch
Guardians of Tyria Guardian Blog (GW2) No
Massively Speaking Podcast (MMO) No
World verse World WvW Blog (GW2) No
Team Legacy PvP Guild Site (GW2) No
Flame Throwing Engineer Blog (GW2) No
Talk Tyria Fansite (GW2) Yes Memoirs of Klaine; a Mesmer – Chapter 1
The time has come – execute Error 066
Sylvari, the elves of Guild Wars 2
NCSoft Store Official Yes Guild Wars 2 Charr Plush on sale again!
Ten Ton Hammer MMO Site Yes Guild Wars 2 BWE Roundtable Impressions
Guild Wars 2 – Is it all that?
Three common misconceptions about Guild Wars 2
Examiner Entertainment news Yes Public beta impressions part 1, part 2
Key and Dagger Thief Blog (GW2) Yes Beta weekend impressions
Beta weekend video roundup (including some tips)
Wooting Blog (GW2) Yes State of sPvP in BWE1
Guild Wars 2 Grandmaster Blog (GW2) Yes Do mystic keys lead to an unfair advantage?
8 vendors you should know
Mind and Spirit Blog (GW2) Yes World vs World through the eyes of a PvE player
GW2 WvW PvP Fansite (GW2) Yes Less sass more class – GW2 fashion
WvW – a narrative (part 1)
Avoiding and/or managing wife aggro
Scary Worlds Blog (MMO) Yes Guild Wars 2 pleasures
Pay-to-beta (P2B) test
The Snarky Asura Blog (GW2) Yes The Engineer – first impressions
Final Boss Fight Gaming Site Yes PUGington’s first look at Guild Wars 2
Enigmus1 YouTube(MMO) Yes Guild Wars 2 complete beginner crafting guide
Wartower Fansite (GW2) Yes TowerTalk Lore special: Charr (AUDIO INTERVIEW WITH ARENANET’s SCOTT McGOUGH)
The Searing Podcast (GW2) Yes Episode 3 – No Mr. Axe Man
GetBonkd YouTube(GW2) Yes Warrior vs. Guardian
First Impressions (Ep.26)
Octovision YouTube(MMO) Yes Necromancer Beta gameplay (with commentary)
Three Odd Tales Fanfic Blog (GW2) Yes Pastoral
AtomicPC Gaming/Hardware Site Yes Guild Wars 2 Beta Preview
The Wastenaw Voice News Site Yes Guild Wars 2 Beta vs Diablo III
GameZone Gaming Site Yes Guild Wars 2’s map exploration is my new addiction
MMOSite Fansite (MMO) Yes Dynamic Events and Jumping Puzzle (video with commentary)
Piki Geek Gaming Site Yes A love letter to Guild Wars (great read for us nostalgics!)
GameSpy Gaming Site Yes Will 2012’s Big MMOs Hit or Miss? Prediction Time!
GamerLive Gaming Site Yes Guild Wars 2 will revolutionize the MMO genre
The Daily Aztec News Site Yes New ‘Guild Wars’ Excites
Casual Aggro Blog (MMO) Yes The leveling paradox
RPG Fan Fansite (RPG) Yes Random Encounter Podcast Episode 44 
Ken and Graev Blog (Gaming) Yes Devs scared of frustrating & punishing players
Luna Atra Fansite (GW2) Yes Crafting Tool
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