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Finally ArenaNet announced the dates for the second Beta Weekend Event, and it is next weekend! That is June 8th to 10th PDT. In conjunction with this ArenaNet gave a lot of BWE2 keys to general gaming sites as well as different Guild Wars 2 communities (including to give out. It spawned quite the frenzy to get a hold of a key, especially at some of the the larger gaming sites who posted the keys in big free-for-alls.

ArenaNet also launched brand new French and German official wikis as well as shared with us the permanently marked flesh of one of their employees.

MMO Reviews published an interview with Eric Flannum, and PCGamer had a sneak peek at some exciting level 30+ areas, not available in the Beta Weekend Events.

(Not listing all the beta key giveaways because they are all more or less over by the time of publishing)

Source Source Type Original GW2 Update? Key GW2 Update(s)
ArenaNet Blog   Yes Announcing the next Guild Wars 2 beta weekend
Official German and French Guild Wars 2 Wikis launch today
The dev with the dragon tatoo
Guild Wars 2 on Facebook  facebook Yes Warning against beta key scams
Guild Wars 2 on Twitter  Twitter No
ArenaNet on Twitter  Twitter Yes Into the pixel art collection featuring Daniel Dociu
ArenaNet on Flickr  


BuffeeArts YouTube(Arts) No
Eternal Alchemy (GW2) No
Gamebreaker Vidcasts (GW2) Yes Top 5 reasons GW2 is interesting to non-MMOers
For Science!
When we’re ready
GuildCast Vidcast (GW2) Yes Episode 25 – Beta for the win!
KirbyzaGamer YouTube(GW2) No
MattVisual YouTube(GW2) Yes Zombie toilet
Dose – Beta weekend clones
SagelikeOne YouTube(GW2) Yes Guild Wars 2 Beta event announced
Guild Wars 2 Beta – Episode 2021, 22 (all about PvP)
Q&A # 27
Snebzor YouTube(GW2) No
Tales of Lumin YouTube(Gaming) No
Tales of Tyria Vidcast (GW2) Yes Episode 33 – The least gready MMO? (note: the show will air on Mondays for a couple of weeks in stead of the usual Sunday)
Tubeelephant YouTube(GW2) Yes Thoughts and opinions #1
TWIMMO Vidcast (MMO) Yes Guild Wars 2 Clone? (regarding The Elder Scrolls Online)
WoodenTomatoes YouTube(GW2) Yes Dailys: Heart armour, Lion guard Skrit face, Hall of monuments for $5, The mists spotlight, World boss stones, Wastelands and powerBeautiful gems
321spike PvP Fansite (GW2) No
Attached to Keyboard (GW2) No
Boons & Conditions Fansite (GW2) Yes A spoiler-filled B&C update
Capacitor Flux (GW2) No
Condottieri Guildsite (GW2) No
Demajen Blog (Gaming) No
DistilledWill (GW2) No
Flameseeker Chronicles Column (GW+GW2) Yes WvW primer Gaming Site No
Greibach’s Normal Form (GW2) No
GuildMag Fansite (GW2) Yes Age of Deceit – Rising Menace (chapter 6)
Guild Wars 2 Hub Fansite (GW2) Yes Diary of – Entry 5: To the water machine!
Profession vs. role in sPvP
Mastering difficulty
Guild Wars 2 Journal Fansite (GW2) No
Guild Wars 2 Junkies Fansite (GW2) Yes Five things I’d like to see on the Gem store
GuildWars2Live Videos/fansite (GW2) Yes Azy’s Guide to Cost of WvWvW Upgrades.
Guild Wars Insider Fansite (GW2) Yes Art of war; is it all about frenzy?
Engineering over everything else-ing
Hunter’s Insight (GW2) Yes Tooling around
Imprint change
Gendarran Fields preview
Kill Ten Rats (Gaming) No
Maloki Blog (Mixed) No
MMORPG Gaming Site Yes My Beta wish
NZXT (Mixed) No
PC Gamer Gaming Site Yes Guild Wars 2?s Gendarran Fields has centaurs, pirates, zombies, and filthy lying apple vendors [VIDEO PREVIEW OF A 30+ LEVEL, INCLUDING A STREAM ARCHIVE]
Raging Monkeys (MMO) No
The Feral Engineer Engineer (GW2) Yes Theory crafting
Under the Pale Tree (GW2) No
Yoshi’s Guild Wars 2 hub (GW2) Yes Testing the Beta
Moving eggs to the offensive basket
ZAM Gaming site No
Tyria Talk YouTube(GW2) Yes Episode 26 – Need more tooltips
The Vigilant Blog (GW2) No
Dragon Seasons Fansite (GW2) Yes Crafting in Guild Wars 2 – an in depth view
KaeyiDream YouTube(GW2) Yes Beta Weekend #2 details!
The Tyrian Order Fansite (GW2) No
Elemental Attunement Elementalist Blog (GW2) Yes My favorite thing about Guild Wars 2 is
GW2 Evolution Fansite (GW2) No
Forbes General News Site No
Mana Obscura MMO Site No
Necrobator Necromancer Fansite (GW2) No
Decoding Dragons (Gaming) No
Games Overcast Podcast (Gaming) No
GoingPostalGW YouTube(GW2) No
TotalBiscuit YouTube(Gaming) No
Yogscast YouTube(Gaming) No
Bio Break (RPG) No
Girl vs. MMO (MMO) No
Nerdy Bookahs (GW2) Yes Criticizing Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2: A FAQ for new players
Guardians of Tyria Guardian Blog (GW2) No
Massively Speaking Podcast (MMO) No
World verse World WvW (GW2) No (moved to a sub-section of Team Legacy’s site)
Team Legacy PvP Guild Site (GW2) Yes Warrior build for sPvP and WvW – “Jugular spec”
Flame Throwing Engineer Blog (GW2) No
Talk Tyria Fansite (GW2) Yes The archer’s paradox: Rangers then and now
Play GuildWars 2 Blog (GW2) Yes What’s to come?
A look at the mesmer part II, part III
The Orb of power
Ten Ton Hammer MMO Site No
Examiner Entertainment news No
Key and Dagger Thief Blog (GW2) No
Wooting Blog (GW2) Yes Engineer is awesome?
Guild Wars 2 Grandmaster Blog (GW2) No
Mind and Spirit (GW2) Yes Then and Now, Here and There – The Ascalon region (part 2)
GW2 WvW PvP Fansite (GW2) Yes The etiquette of ganking
A unique training experience
Reshaping your reality
Defend that keep!
Critical of the critics
Your Build is evolving
Scary Worlds Blog (MMO) No
The Snarky Asura (GW2) No
Final Boss Fight Gaming Site No
Enigmus1 YouTube(MMO) Yes Crafting guide part 2
Wartower (German) Fansite (GW2) No
The Searing Podcast (GW2) Yes Episode 5 – Dictathesarus Rex
Episode 6 – Player vs. Travis (PvT)
Octovision YouTube(MMO) No
Three Odd Tales Fanfic (GW2) Yes Serendipity
AtomicPC Gaming/Hardware Site No
The Wastenaw Voice News Site No
GameZone Gaming Site No
MMOSite Fansite (MMO) No
Piki Geek Gaming Site Yes Sunday sound off – the world after Diablo 3 (GW2 being listed as one of the games to play after D3)
GameSpy Gaming Site No
GamerLive Gaming Site No
The Daily Aztec News Site No
Casual Aggro (MMO) No
RPG Fan Fansite (RPG) Yes Random encounters episode 44b – The Guild Wars 2 interviews
Ken and Graev (Gaming) Yes GW2’s version of Darkness Falls taking shape
GWOnline Fansite (GW2) Yes A scholar eye on minionmancy
Reddit (GW2) Yes
The Sprocket Formula  Engineer (GW2) Yes The rifle: A “Know it all”
Blog de la Burro  (Gaming) Yes My pre beta worries
Gamers Heroes  Gaming Site No
Guild Wars 2 Stratics  Fansite (GW2) No
TunaGaming (Gaming) No
World of Enders YouTube(GW2) Yes Warrior PvP 7/18, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Traxdagamer YouTube(GW2) Yes Beta – Human Guardian Game commentary, part 9, 10
Labyrinth Studios TV YouTube(Mixed) No
Dontain YouTube(GW2) Yes Broken separatist event
Double your experience in Guild Wars 2!
Dontain’s 15,000 subscribers giveaway!
Chronicles of Tyria Fansite (GW2) Yes Chapter 3. Part I – Center
Project Tyria (GW2) Yes Fan submission volume 1
GetBonkd YouTube(GW2) Yes Top 10 DE’s and Hearts of BWE1
The Centaur’s Satchel (GW2) No
Rock Paper Shotgun Gaming Site No
IGN Gaming Site No
Dulfy (MMOs) No
GamaSutra Gaming Site No
The Verge/Polygon Podcast (GW2) No
Paradox GW2 Guild Site No (Note: Changed address)
Guild Wars 2 Guru Fansite (GW2) No
Malefic Incantations (GW2) Yes BWE2 and no character wipe (yet)
Killabytes Online Blog (GW2 mostly) Yes Guild Wars 2 as a single player game
Venturebeat Tech News Site No
miihdaftpunk YouTube(Mixed) No
Tyrian Stories (GW2) No
Shewstr (Mixed) No
Next Web Design Blog (Art & Photo) No
MMO Reviews MMO Site Yes Exclusive interview with Eric Flannum the Lead Game Designer of Guild Wars 2.[AS IN TITLE, INTERVIEW WITH ERIC FLANNUM]
Natural Front Gaming Blog Yes ArenaNet decries stagnation in MMOs
What Culture Entertainment Site Yes Guild Wars 2 is not a sequel to Guild Wars 1 
Gameranx Gaming Site Yes Five reasons why Guild Wars 2 is awesome 
Kotaku Gaming Site Yes A completely unbiased look at the races of Guild Wars 2 
GW2 Status GW2 Tool Yes A new site tracking the status of the Guild Wars 2 client :)


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