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The second Beta Weekend Event over and done with, this week has been packed with impressions and videos. Not as overwhelming as the first one when everything was brand new for several hundred thousand players at once, still an impressive parade! ArenaNet themselves has been mostly quiet this week, catching up on some well-deserved rest one can assume. Nevertheless they did find the time to post a challenge for character 3D artists – with a job at ArenaNet in the balance.

Other than that the week has mostly been dominated by the new system to unlock Dyes revealed during BWE2, which has sparked both discussions and worry in the community about how the Guild Wars 2 cash shop will end up.

A worry that was not lessened by the announcement that Nexon just aquired a large portion of Guild Wars 2 publisher NCSoft stock. Nexon is a major player in the free-to-play market and is behind titles such as Maplestory and Vindictus.

Here at GWOnline Gorani posted a voice actor challenge, boldly posting his own interpretation of the five Guild Wars 2 races. Our Social Media Manager Mawgleah then upped the ante by offering some Guild Wars 1 in-game goodies to takers of said challenge. Could get interesting!

To continue, it is exciting to see so much Guild Wars 2 content coming out on a regular basis. But on the same time it makes it a challenge to keep a list such as this updated and structured. I do have some grand plans to make it better, but for the time being I will just denote if the place had a Guild Wars 2 original update this week and leave the main link for you to go there and see for yourself. If there is something I think you really should see like a new series, and ArenaNet interview or something that just caught my fancy this week I will add a comment in the table. (Note that I do not always get around to reading everything in detail, so lack of comment does not mean I would not recommend.) Enjoy!

Source Source Type Original GW2 Update? Comment
ArenaNet Blog   Yes Character artist challenge!
Guild Wars 2 on Facebook  facebook Yes
Guild Wars 2 on Twitter  Twitter Yes
ArenaNet on Twitter  Twitter Yes
ArenaNet on Flickr  


Yes Images of the team doing the latest Reddit AMA
BuffeeArts YouTube(Arts) No
Eternal Alchemy (GW2) No
Gamebreaker Vidcasts (GW2) Yes
GuildCast Vidcast (GW2) Yes Epic 2 hours episode!
KirbyzaGamer YouTube(GW2) Yes
MattVisual YouTube(GW2) Yes Started a new series. “Interactive”
SagelikeOne YouTube(GW2) Yes Lots of nice BWE2-coverage
Snebzor YouTube(GW2) No
Tales of Lumin YouTube(Gaming) Yes
Tales of Tyria Vidcast (GW2) Yes
Tubeelephant YouTube(GW2) Yes
TWIMMO Vidcast (MMO) No
WoodenTomatoes YouTube(GW2) Yes
321spike PvP Fansite (GW2) No
Attached to Keyboard (GW2) Yes
Boons & Conditions Fansite (GW2) Yes The return of the B&C podcast.
Capacitor Flux (GW2) No
Condottieri Guildsite (GW2) No
Demajen Blog (Gaming) Yes A most excellent run-down of the new Dye system, and how he feels it disappoints.
DistilledWill (GW2) No
Flameseeker Chronicles Column (GW+GW2) Yes Gaming Site Yes
Greibach’s Normal Form (GW2) No
GuildMag Fansite (GW2) Yes Second episode of Dynamically Spoken.
Guild Wars 2 Hub Fansite (GW2) Yes Guest editorial from our friend the Feral Engineer.
Guild Wars 2 Journal Fansite (GW2) No
Guild Wars 2 Junkies Fansite (GW2) Yes
GuildWars2Live Videos/fansite (GW2) Yes
Guild Wars Insider Fansite (GW2) Yes
Hunter’s Insight (GW2) Yes
Kill Ten Rats (Gaming) No
Maloki Blog (Mixed) No
MMORPG Gaming Site Yes
NZXT (Mixed) No
PC Gamer Gaming Site No
Raging Monkeys (MMO) Yes
The Feral Engineer Engineer (GW2) No
Under the Pale Tree (GW2) Yes
Yoshi’s Guild Wars 2 hub (GW2) Yes Among other things a great run-down of how to play sPvP
ZAM Gaming site Yes
Tyria Talk YouTube(GW2) Yes
The Vigilant Blog (GW2) Yes The Vigilant is back after a month and a half. Looking forward to more!
Dragon Seasons Fansite (GW2) No
KaeyiDream YouTube(GW2) Yes
The Tyrian Order Fansite (GW2) No
Elemental Attunement Elementalist Blog (GW2) Yes
GW2 Evolution Fansite (GW2) No
Forbes General News Site No
Mana Obscura MMO Site No
Necrobator Necromancer Fansite (GW2) No
Decoding Dragons (Gaming) Yes
Games Overcast Podcast (Gaming) No
GoingPostalGW YouTube(GW2) No
TotalBiscuit YouTube(Gaming) No
Yogscast YouTube(Gaming) No
Bio Break (RPG) No
Girl vs. MMO (MMO) Yes
Nerdy Bookahs (GW2) Yes Lots of screen shots, and a Torchlight giveaway.
Guardians of Tyria Guardian Blog (GW2) No
Massively Speaking Podcast (MMO) Yes
World verse World WvW (GW2) No
Team Legacy PvP Guild Site (GW2) Yes
Flame Throwing Engineer Blog (GW2) Yes
Talk Tyria Fansite (GW2) Yes
Play GuildWars 2 Blog (GW2) No
Examiner Entertainment news No
Key and Dagger Thief Blog (GW2) Yes
Wooting Blog (GW2) No
Guild Wars 2 Grandmaster Blog (GW2) No
Mind and Spirit (GW2) Yes Some really cool comparisons of sites in Tyria 250 years apart.
GW2 WvW PvP Fansite (GW2) Yes
Scary Worlds Blog (MMO) Yes An insightful article about how long a public beta should be.
The Snarky Asura (GW2) No
Final Boss Fight Gaming Site Yes
Enigmus1 YouTube(MMO) Yes
Wartower (German) Fansite (GW2) No
The Searing Podcast (GW2) Yes
Octovision YouTube(MMO) No
Three Odd Tales Fanfic (GW2) No
AtomicPC Gaming/Hardware Site No
The Wastenaw Voice News Site No
GameZone Gaming Site No
MMOSite Fansite (MMO) Yes
Piki Geek Gaming Site No
GameSpy Gaming Site No
GamerLive Gaming Site No
The Daily Aztec News Site No
Casual Aggro (MMO) No
RPG Fan Fansite (RPG) No
Ken and Graev (Gaming) Yes
GWOnline Fansite (GW2) Yes
Reddit (GW2) Yes In-depth analysis of WvW!
The Sprocket Formula  Engineer (GW2) Yes
Blog de la Burro  (Gaming) No
Gamers Heroes  Gaming Site No
Guild Wars 2 Stratics  Fansite (GW2) No
TunaGaming (Gaming) No
World of Enders YouTube(GW2) Yes
Traxdagamer YouTube(GW2) Yes
Labyrinth Studios TV YouTube(Mixed) No
Dontain YouTube(GW2) Yes
Chronicles of Tyria Fansite (GW2) Yes
Project Tyria (GW2) Yes
GetBonkd YouTube(GW2) No
The Centaur’s Satchel (GW2) No
Rock Paper Shotgun Gaming Site Yes
IGN Gaming Site Yes An awesome interactive Guild Wars 2 map
Dulfy (MMOs) Yes
GamaSutra Gaming Site No
The Verge/Polygon Gaming Site No
Paradox GW2 Guild Site Yes
Guild Wars 2 Guru Fansite (GW2) Yes
Malefic Incantations (GW2) Yes
Killabytes Online Blog (GW2 mostly) Yes
Venturebeat Tech News Site Yes
miihdaftpunk YouTube(Mixed) Yes
Tyrian Stories (GW2) No
Shewstr (Mixed) No
Next Web Design Blog (Art & Photo) No
MMO Reviews MMO Site Yes
Natural Front Gaming Blog No
What Culture Entertainment Site Yes
Gameranx Gaming Site No
Kotaku Gaming Site No
White Charr (GW2) Yes
Divinity’s Reach (GW2) Yes
Reborn Reality (GW2) Yes
Relics of Orr Podcast (GW2) Yes
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