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What a beast of a week! The press beta weekend embargo ended Monday afternoon, and the information release has been massive. There have been a huge amount of preview articles and videos released, and there are more being published every day. And then, when the community was just about to regain their bearings – BAM – ArenaNet opened the beta application form! It being open for only a little bit over 48 hours, the fans were almost tripping over themselves to throw their hats in the ring, even overloading the servers for a while. And the results? 1 million applicants! So with all of this going on at once, it might feel like an overwhelming task so sort through all that new information. Luckily, we here at GWOnline have done that job for you. Follow after the jump for the full deal on this week’s Guild Wars happenings.

First of all, with the absolutely massive amount of coverage this week, I will only list the official news and a subset of the Press Beta coverage, focusing on commented videos and preview articles. For a complete list you can visit our Beta coverage collection thread, or drop by our friendsite GuildMag who has done a tremendous job keeping an updated list of all the Press Beta coverage, including gameplay footage, in one giant blog post. So without further ado, here we go!



Videos and Podcasts:

Commented Beta Gameplay:

First-hand press Beta impressions (not including the ones already linked above):

Other articles and blog posts this week:

Finally, here is all the original coverage GWOnline has produced so far, in one handy list:

Oh, and you haven’t missed our ongoing GWOnline Blog Extravaganza have you? Make a Community Blog post about what would happen if you were in beta, for the chance of winning an everlasting Guild Wars 1 reindeer tonic! Deadline Midnight PST Wednesday February 29th.

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