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This week Guild Wars 2 suddenly got real, with the announcement that we will be able to purchase our copies of the game from April 10 for special perks like head start and guaranteed Beta access. The details of the Guild Wars 2 Collector Edition were also released, followed by some grumbling about the prizing differences in different parts of the world. There was also an official blog post where Martin Kerstein announced that unlike for Guild Wars 1, there will be official forums for Guild Wars 2. Finally there was a huge live-streamed video interview with Jon Peters on MMORPGAnd of course all the usual blog posts, videos, podcasts and articles that you find listed after the jump. New this week is that I have sorted sources alphabetically, so it is easier to find if you are looking for a specific one.


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Oh, and here is the meme of the week. Beta is coming…Beta is coming


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