Guild Wars 2 Unveils The Ranger

At last, Guild Wars 2 players will be able to take on the mantle of everybody’s favourite park ranger and chase Yogi Bear arou … oh, sorry, it’s not that kind of ranger.

Of course it isn’t, that would be foolish. This Ranger will still have plenty of skills that allow them to interact with animals though. According to ArenaNet, Ranger players will be able to adopt up to three pets, from bears to lizards to … err … sharks. In general, only one will be active at any one time, but when it is, the Ranger will be able to control it through simple commands like “attack” and “heel.”

Watch the video and view 6 screenshots after the break.

Apparently, it’ll also be possible to call hawks from the sky to bite the enemy’s neck off. Like so

Other skill videos are available from ArenaNet’s Ranger sub-page, but that one is clearly the best.

Rangers are masters of ranged combat, so they tend to use bows to fire off billions of arrows per second (no exaggeration) like a steroid-injected Robin Hood, but they can also pick up a sword when necessary.



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  • Bigger focus on pets. The ability to have up to three different pets. Melee weapons for the Ranger. All of this makes me really wonder, if the Elementalist will really be my first character when GW2 arrives.

    On the downside, there is a trend (see Warrior videos too) to have exaggerated skill animations and effects, which make me thing more of Wire-Fu Eastern movies and Dragonball Z animes, than a down too earth fantasy game.

  • My first reaction from seeing the dual wielding weapons and that serpents strike on the skills page is that they have just made the assassin a sub-class of ranger.

    Seems likely as the ranger is in many ways the closest thing to a rogue in the game… only with a bit more tree hugging (in a less camp manner than those kukus though I might add!)

    Still that spread shot looks pretty cool, though I’m worried that the more random spread of attacks might just turn GW2 into an aoe spamfest.  I’ll wait to be enlightened, though I have a horrible feeling that my pc won’t be able to support the game