GW1 Update Today and GW2 Thief announced

Two major news hit today. (1) The thief is the 6th GW2 profession announced. Although the web page isn’t up as I write this, there are two official videos showcasing the thief and his/her abilities. (2) The embark beach (etc) update will be live today, with tons of new exciting features. Read my summary of both here, then check out the links for more information.


This is it, this is our assassin/rogue prototype. Welcome the thief! Fast, agile, stealthy, but not particularly resistant to attacks.

-Can dual wield daggers.
-Can dual wield pistols.
-Can shadowstep in and out of combat (optional skill).
-Can stealth, making itself semi-transparent (optional skill).
-Can steal the foe’s weapon (or feathers?) to use against him (permanent bonus skill).
-Uses its own energy bar for attacks call initiative.
-Needs to use position and movement for survival (not that anyone can “tank”, but this one is fairly squishy).

More info check the forum thread as well as these two videos.

Embark beach update

This is a big update, bigger than the derv update even. Too many features to summarize it properly, just check the list

-Embark beach is a common location to find people to party with or ask for help. Can map to any location from there.
-7 hero parties, the last 3 function as heroes in town, but like henchmen during combat.
-Minion master interface, so you know which minion to heal or to nova.
-Mercenary hero transform your characters into new heroes via the online store.
-New content to pre-sear 9 daily quests that scale with level (say hi to legit LDoA) and you can now dedicate titles to HoM without leaving pre-sear.
-Update to drunk and survivor title (no real info as of now on what the update is on these two).
-Security update you can specific which computers are trusted.
-Online state can be set before logging in.
-Daily zaishen vanquish.

Note the info on this is sparse, so if some info turns out to be incorrect, oh well. More info check out the interview or go to the forum thread

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