GW2 Soundtrack Release Announced

GW2 OST Announced!

Image of Collector's GW2 OST

First we have learned about the release of GW2. Now, to tide us over, the release of GW2 original soundtrack has been announced over at For a limited time, the original sound track (OST) can be ordered there for $29.99. The soundtrack comes with four CDs and is signed by Jeremy Soule the creator of all the music in GW2. Note that this is a physical version of the soundtrack and that delivery may take between 4-6 weeks.

The question for the community is: Who is planning on buying the soundtrack?

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  • Bought it already…

    I’m a godang sucker for soundtracks and physical media, and with someone like Jeremy Soule? Well, if Nobuo Uematsu ever decided to release soundtracks on his own site, I’d be buying some of the big ones I loved just as quickly as I did this…!

  • Without a question! I almost have a full collection of his soundtracks. Most memorable music hands down.

  • I ordered a copy. I’m excited but it takes 4-6 weeks for delivery.

  • As a big soundtrack collector I ordered it. I also have the CE of GW2 on pre-order to complement it


    A little update for this for those who pre-ordered the Collector’s edition of GW2.
    $5 off the purchase of the sound track, which would of covered shipping for me. Oh well! If only there was some way to retroactively apply this kind of thing to any ones orders…