Join GWOnline On Stormbluff Isle and Aurora Glade!

The GWOnline Alliance has decided to gather on two servers, one in each region:

  • Stormbluff Isle (NA), which is our primary WvW server.
  • Aurora Glade (EU), which primarily focuses on PvE.

Of course, we won’t exclude any game mode from either server. Players on the NA server will also play PvE. And players on the EU server will also play WvW, but probably to a less degree than on the NA server. So if you know you want to play lots of WvW with our alliance members you might want to play on the NA server, regardless of where you actually live. On the other hand, if you know you never ever (or rarely) will step into WvW you might want to check out the EU server even if you live across the pond.

Are you pondering to become a member of the GWOnline Alliance?

Then you should take advantage of the unlimited and free world transfers you will be able to enjoy for a limited period after launch and come visit us! It’s better to do it now than to wait for the guesting feature to be implemented, because during this limited period you’ll be able to change your home world permanently for free in case you enjoy our company

You should also check out each guild’s private forum and look for information on recruitment.

Are you already a member of a guild in the alliance?

Before the “free world transfers” period ends (only Anet knows when) you should check with your guild before finally choosing a permanent home world. This is because each guild chooses server(s) individually. Some guilds may want to gather all members in one world while other guilds will spread out on both alliance servers.

Note: If you are a member of a guild in the alliance you will also be invited to our GWOnline Alliance overhead “meta-guild”. This is probably the best possible substitute for a proper alliance system that we can come up with for now.

How do guilds and worlds work together?

Here is some useful info with a few links to the official wiki. Please note that this information is based on how things worked during the BWE’s and stress tests. In other words: it may or may not be accurate for the release version of GW2!

Because guilds span across world borders you don’t need to play on one of “our” servers if you want to be or already are a member of an alliance guild. But there are a few things you should know:

  • You can only play WvW on your home world.
  • Structured PvP allows you to team up with anyone regardless of home world.
  • Influence earned by your guild can only be spent in the world where it was earned, and there will be separate build queues for each world within a guild. That means guild boons researched on the NA server will not affect guild members on the EU server.

As an example, my guess is that for the GWOnline Alliance overhead “meta-guild” at least you should probably expect more WvW-related boons on the NA server. While you’ll probably see more PvE-related boons on the EU server. The individual guilds in the alliance may focus differently.

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