GWOnline Events – December Update

Welcome back for December’s update on our now monthly round of contests and competitions, or as we like to call them; events. Firstly lets check over Novembers happenings:

Unfortunately we again had technical difficulties on our part involving the Hide and Seek event, we have therefore decided to postpone the event until server guesting is implemented. The staff really want this one to happen and as soon as we can begin hosting it we will let you know. We rolled out a new Screenshot Contest where we had you taking a screenshot of your player in action. As of writing there were only 2 entries (the contest awards the top 3 participants) but its still open! Get your entry in quick for consideration. We also continued our Monthly Achievement Race where we had you racing to be the first to finish your monthly achievements. At the time of writing we have had NO entries however, if you enter now you could win as the contest awards a prize to the first to enter rather than the first to finish.

Raye’s entry for Novembers Screenshot Contest

These contests are open until Midnight on Friday 30th November (UTC) so there is still time to get your entry in! See Novembers post for details on how to enter.

For December we are running three events, the Monthly Achievement Race and the Screenshot Contest will return and we are introducing a new ‘creative writing’ style event. Read on to find out more…

Monthly Achievement Race

Consider yourself an Achievement Hunter? Well now it’s time to put your skills to the test in a race to complete your monthly achievements before anyone else. Be the first to 100% your monthly and achievements and submit your proof to claim a prize and the glory of be the months top achievement hunter.

Since this event is nice and easy to run we will be continuing it every month indefinitely.  If you finish all your monthlies post an entry even if you think you are late. The winner is based on first to enter, not first to finish the achievements. ArenaNet is continuing the trend of having a few events hidden till the end of the month so that sound give you some extra time to complete the others.

To submit your entry upon completion simply take a screenshot of the Monthly Achievement tab and your character saying “This is legit, dragons suck!”; which should be visible in the chat box. Do not edit the image in anyway or your entry will be disqualified. Here’s an example of what your screenshot should look like:

Screenshot Example

Then PM (here on GWOnline) that screenshot to Redean along with the following information:

  • Account Name
  • Name of Character in screenshot
  • Home Server
  • Guild (optional)

Also remember to have the PM subject as ‘December Monthly Achievement Race’ to ensure your entry doesn’t get lost.

Screenshot Contest

This event does not occur in-game but will have you playing to capture an epic screenshot. This month we want you to take a screenshot of an icy or snowy environment to get in the mood for Wintersday. At the end of the month will we pick the three best screenshots who will be awarded a share of tonics and large loot bags. There are a few rules and details on how to enter which you can find below:


  • Only one screenshot may be submitted per person
  • You may only submit screenshots of your characters
  • Re-sizing and cropping your screenshot is fine but beyond that any editing is not allowed


  • Upload your screenshot to this thread along with the following details
    • Account Name
    • Name of Character in screenshot
    • Home Server
    • Guild (optional)

Creative Writing Contest

Toymaker Tixx is on his way for Wintersday so you get your parchment and quill ready! Write a letter to Toymaker Tixx detailing what toy your character wants for Wintersday. The top three entries will be awarded a share of tonics and large loot bags. See the mock entry below for inspiration:

Dear Toymaker Tixx,

Although I may be a master of the elemental and arcane arts, I unfortunately must recruit the aid of others every now and then to help me in my efforts. I have dealt with so many bookah’s that it has gotten to the point where I want to squish their silly bookah heads on sight. Would it be too much to ask that I receive a hyper-rubberized stress reallocation bookah impersonator to prevent myself from being locked up.

By the Eternal Alchemy,


There a few rules and details concerning entries as well:


  • Only one entry may be submitted per person
  • Entries must be entirely your own work


  • Post your letter to this thread along with the following details
    • Account Name
    • Name of your Character
    • Home Server
    • Guild (optional)
Entry for all the above events closes Midnight on Monday 31st December (UTC)
UPDATE: The deadline for Decembers events have been extended to Midnight on 31st January (UTC) (excludes Monthly Achievement Race)

If you have any suggests for events or want to get involved with the event team, please PM Redean for more information.

Happy Holidays and enjoy Decembers events!

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