GWOnline Events – November Update

Greetings all!

For those who missed the original post last month GWOnline has begun hosted a range of in-game events for all of you to participate in. In October we held the Monthly Achievement Race (which we had no entries for, remember you’ve got to be in to win!) and we also planned to host a version of Hide and Seek but were unable to due to technicalities on our end.

In terms of prizes we think that Large/Heavy Loot bags and Dungeon Tonics work well. This month we may be able to organise Candy Corn and rare Halloween crafting materials for prizes as well. If you have any suggestions on items that would work well as prizes please let us know.

So what is in store for November? Read on and find out…

Monthly Achievement Race

Consider yourself an Achievement Hunter? Well now it’s time to put your skills to the test in a race to complete your monthly achievements before anyone else. Be the first to 100% your monthly and achievements and submit your proof to claim a prize and the glory of be the months top achievement hunter.

Since this event is nice and easy to run we will be continuing it every month indefintely. We had no entries last month so I will remind everyone, if you finish all your monthlies post an entry even if you think you are late. The winner is based on first to enter, not first to finish the achievements. Currently there are 2 hidden achievements so there shouldn’t be many entries until the end of the month anyway.

To submit your entry upon completion simply take a screenshot of the Monthly Achievement tab and your character saying “This is legit, dragons suck!”; which should be visible in the chat box. Do not edit the image in anyway or your entry will be disqualified. Here’s an example of what your screenshot should look like (but with 100% completion instead):

Screenshot Example

Then PM (here on GWOnline) that screenshot to Redean along with the following information:

  • Account Name
  • Name of Character (that was in the screenshot)
  • Home Server
  • Guild (for bragging rights!)

Also remember to have the PM subject as ‘November Monthly Achievement Race’ to ensure your entry doesn’t get lost.

Hide and Seek

One member of our staff will hide somewhere in Tyria (possibly using a tonic) and it’s your job to snuff them out! The member will dispense prizes to anyone who finds them and whispers the magic password. Prizes will be first come first served so the event will last until we run out of prizes.

Of course we don’t expect you scour every last corner of Tyria and will set you on the right track. We will be holding the event on the Friday 30th November (UTC) and we will let everyone know in advance on the frontpage when we are doing the event along with a zone and a riddle to help you find where we are hiding. De-code the riddle, track them down and claim a prize; it’s that simple!

Golem Disguise

Tonics make for a devious disguise

Unfortunately we were unable to run this event last month due to technical difficulties on our end. We will try get as many staff on hand to help out with this event but with so many servers and time zones we need some volunteers to make this event truly successful. If you think you can help out for 1 hour handing out prizes for us on Friday 30th November (or any future date for that matter) then please PM Redean for further details. With your help we can help spread some joy across Tyria.

Screenshot Contest

This event does not occur in-game but will have you playing to capture an awesome screenshot. Take the best looking screen-shot of your character that you can and at the end of the month will we pick the three best screenshots to be winners. There are a couple rules and details on how to enter.


  • Only one screenshot may be submitted per person
  • You may only submit screenshots of your characters
  • Re-sizing and cropping your screenshot is fine but beyond that any editing is not allowed


  1. Upload your screenshot to this thread along with the following details
    • Account Name
    • Name of Character in screenshot
    • Home Server
    • Guild (optional)
  2. Winners will be asked to provide proof of ownership to the character in the screenshot. This can be done but taking an additional screenshot with the character used and having your character saying your account name (and clearly shown in the chat box) which can be submitted via PM. After your screenshot has been verified your prize will be mailed in-game.

This is just the start of hopefully many more events to come! If you have any suggests for events or want to get involved with the event team, please PM Redean for more information.

Until next month, enjoy your batch of monthly events!

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