GWOnline Events – November Winners

Our judges have convened, the six divines were consulted and the winners have been decided for Novembers events!

Monthly Achievement Race

First up is our Monthly Achievement Race. Participants rushed to complete their monthly achievements first, so who was the fastest this month?

Coming in first was newcomer ‘vaguelazytangent’ as their character Ambereen. Ambereen plays on Northern Shiverpeaks and represents the guild Avatars of Glory, keep up the work you’re making your server proud!

Hailing from Fort Aspenwood and coming in the runner-up position is Blivv the Immortal.

Congratulations to the winners. Your prizes have already been sent out.

Screenshot Contest

This month we introduced the ‘screenshot contest’ event. We had players taking epic and awesome screenshots in line with a specific theme, which was all about you! Yes this months theme was player characters. In no particular order here are our 3 winners chosen by the admin and content team here at GWOnline.

  • Entrant: CMEPTb
  • Character: C M E P Tb
  • Server: Anvil Rock
  • Guild: Do Not Revive Asura [Ever]
CMEPTb's Entry

CMEPTb’s Entry shows ‘C M E P Tb’ pondering off into the distance

  • Entrant: VampiroAlhazred
  • Character: Derzahla
  • Server: Sorrow’s Furnace
  • Guild: La Hermandad
VampiroAlhazred's Entry

Derzahla channels the spirits of the wild in VampiroAlhazred’s Entry

  • Entrant: Raye
  • Character: Raye
  • Server: Stormbluff Isle
  • Guild: The Order of Dii [Dii]
Raye's Entry

Raye charges into action for her entry

Congratulations to our winners and please check out the other entries here. Prizes should be on their way shortly.

I would also like to remind everyone that Decembers events are now running! Try your hand at the ‘wintry landscape’ screenshot event, the Toymaster Tixx creative writing event and the Monthly Achievement Race to be into win awesome in-game prizes. We are still figuring out prize packs and would like your input, so far we figure gold and tonics make the best prizes and we are also considering forum side prizes like titles.

Until next time, you stay classy Tyria.

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