GWOnline Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 Key Giveaway

We here at are very happy to announce that we have gotten 20 Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 keys from ArenaNet to give away to our community. That means you!

The contest ends tomorrow Sunday June 3 at midnight PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

How to Enter

  1. Make a post in the contest thread over at our community forums.This is a must for everyone who wants to enter, since your post order will become your “ticket number” in the draw.
  2. Do one of the following.
      1. Keep an eye on our Twitter account and PM Lensor the “GWOnline Beta Key Password” which will be tweeted there sometime in the next 12 hours.
      2. We have edited in a different “GWOnline Beta Key Password” in an original post somewhere on the GWOnline community forums. If you find it PM Lensor the password.
      3. Post a limerick about Guild Wars 2 and/or GWOnline in the contest thread.
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