GWOnline is Looking For More!

Now that it feels like Guild Wars 2 release is not only a theoretical goal far far away but something that is actually going to happen, we here at GWOnline are looking for people to round up our Content and Community teams.

We are currently looking for News Updaters, Columnists, Article Writers, Editors, Graphical Artists, a FANtastic Friends liaison, Video Trawlers and a Social Media Manager. We are also always on a look-out for Guest Talent. Please head over to our “Join The GWOnline Team” page for the full details of what the different positions entail and what we are looking for in our candidates.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact us by popping a PM to Lensor here at the site. You can also e-mail us at paul@incgamers. Please include an example of your work and a short blurb about what you would like to do at GWOnline. Since we are flexible about how the positions/roles are filled we will discuss with applicants how they may contribute on a case-by-case basis, and will add people to the team continuously until further notice.

If you are a talented person passionate about Guild Wars 2, we want you on board. And if you know someone else who fits the description, point them in our direction as well! The GWOnline team is a friendly bunch and we have loads of great ideas that are just waiting for someone to run with them.

So please do not hesitate, send in your application today. You could be a part of the team already tomorrow!  😀


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