GWOnline’s Events and Competitions

By now most of you have had a chance to get into Guild Wars 2 and play it and the general consensus is that you all like it! So what would make a great game even better? In-game events and competitions hosted by the staff here at GWOnline of course. Not only is this a chance to get involved and have some plain ol’ fun but you could also win fabulous prizes. Therefore if you like fun and prizes, read on.

Starting in October we will be rolling out our first wave of competitions that you can participate in.

Monthly Achievement Race

Consider yourself an Achievement Hunter? Well now it’s time to put your skills to the test in a race to complete your monthly achievements before anyone else. At Midnight UTC on September 30th your monthly achievements will reset and the competition will begin. Be the first to 100% your monthly and achievements and submit your proof to claim a prize and the glory of be the months top achievement hunter.

To submit your entry upon completion simply take a screenshot of the Monthly Achievement tab and your character saying “This is legit, dragons suck!”; which should be visible in the chat box. Do not edit the image in anyway or your entry will be disqualified. Here’s an example of what your screenshot should look like (but with 100% completion instead):

Screenshot Example

Then PM (here on GWOnline) that screenshot to Redean along with the following information:

  • Account Name
  • Name of Character (that was in the screenshot)
  • Home Server
  • Guild (for bragging rights!)

Also remember to have the PM subject as ‘October Monthly Achievement Race’ (obviously change the month to whatever month it is) to ensure your entry doesn’t get lost.

Remember the race not only includes completing monthly achievements but also submitting your entry. The first submitted entry will win so be quick about it! Another frontpage post will be coming in a few days to remind you about the start of this event so keep your eyes peeled.

Hide and Seek

One member of our staff will hide somewhere in Tyria (possibly using a tonic) and it’s your job to snuff them out! The member will dispense prizes to anyone who finds them and whispers the magic password. Prizes will be first come first served so the event will last until we run out of prizes. Should any prizes be left after an hour the hiding staff member will makes them self more obvious and begin handing out prizes to anyone who walks up and whispers the magic password.

Of course we don’t expect you scour every last corner of Tyria and will set you on the right track. On a random day throughout the month we will decide to hold the Hide and Seek event, we will let everyone know the day before then on the frontpage and via twitter what time we will be starting, the server we will be on, the zone our staff member will be hidden in and the magic password that can be used to claim your prize. On the day when we start the event we will then send out a riddled tweet via GWOnline’s twitter account that details the exact location of our hidden staff member. De-code the riddle, track them down and claim a prize; it’s that simple!

Hide and Seek

Tonics make for a devious camouflage.



Just a note on receiving prizes: at the moment cross-server mail does not work, so until ‘server guesting’ works there will be two options available in claiming prizes; either have your prize held until guesting is implemented or transfer to the server where the prize is located (this is free at the moment but can only be performed once every 24 hours).

UPDATE: It turns out cross-server mail does in fact work so all prizes will be sent via in-game mail.

These are just our ‘starter’ events to get a feel for how much you guys like them. If it’s positively received then we will be hosting more events over the coming months. Here’s a few examples of what we have in store for later months:

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Screenshots Competitions
  • Witty Caption Competitions
  • Fan-art/craft Competitions
  • In-game Parties

Also we have an amateur PvP league in the works. If you are interested in sPvP but aren’t overly skilled in interested in being very competitive with top tier players then this league will be perfect for you. Keep a look out in the forums for discussion thread coming soon and more solid details later on; which will be posted on the front page.

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