He Did the Bash! …. He Did the Dragon Bash!

I think there's a crafting recipe some where in this stanza!

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Anet just released a compilation of Dragon Pinata bashing videos. We posted one by Curse here last week, and Anet says “the results were as epic as they were varied.” Check them out then come to the forums and join in our chat about the new Dragon Bash event.

Speaking of the Dragon Bash, Anet also just had a preview on TwitchTV with Will Fairfield. They have part 1 up here (about 21 minutes) and part 2 here (about 14 minutes).

On a more serious note, GWOnline forum member Rob Van Der Sloot just started a thread giving his thoughts on the really big problems with Guild Wars 2’s game play mechanics. Please have a read and tell us what you think.

Two quick notes: Check out the following GWOnline content:
Forum member Guided Daggers’ Event Notifier using the new APIs. Forum thread for more info.
Elementalist Forum Moderator Gorani’s great new piece explaining why the Ele Focus is weak and how to fix it.

Remember to finish up your Southsun Cove events, while a lot of stuff will stay after tomorrow, not all of it will.

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