Hearts of the North: Hints

Assuming you’ve done the War in Kryta mini-campaign all the way through the Battle for Lion’s Arch, you should be set to do the Hearts of North mini-campaign. At first, I wondered if it was worth the bother, and what to expect. Well, good news, at 2 honor medals per mission (so 8 total so far), it’s a very fast way to get an extra Oppressor’s weapon for you Hall of Monuments. It also totals 7k and 5000 Vanguard points.

The mini-campaign (so far) has two kinds of tasks, quests that have you find items to bring back to the HoM, and missions played from the point of view of Keiran. Fortunately, the forums and official wiki give plenty of info where to find the items, so it’s just a matter of walking there.

Missions played as Keiran can be difficult if you try to rush it. Over-aggro is particularly deadly. So make sure to lure foes if you need to, and only engage one group at a time. If a group moves towards you, slowly back away slightly out of aggro range, and let Mika aggro them. Mika is best used as a tank as she can withstand more damage than you. Keep heals for yourself as much as possible, or for Mika if she really needs it.

Keiran’s build is fairly easy to use. Whenever Miku calls a target, quickly select Miku’s target and hit Keiran’s sniper shot (1). This is by far the most important skill you need to develop to be succesful in these missions. Terminal velocity (3) can be spammed between other shots if you’re bad at interrupting, or used as a regular interrupt. Cycling the remaining shots (2, 4, 5) works well. Sure, you might figure out when to use what to better effect, but what I spelled out above works. If you or Mika (or allies) need heals, press 6 and/or 8. Spam 7 on recharge. That’s it, just make sure you don’t overaggro and you should be fine with this.

Good luck everyone!

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