How to Gether, How to Craft?

Yes, the typo in the headline is intentional. Playing with the GWO team this weekend made one thing obvious: You do not have enough storage space to pick up everything you can gather, harvest and that drops from foes. It is just too much for the limited space you have, even if you take a profession that can make bags, like the tailor I have chosen.

How can you cope with that problem?

The bank account you have? So far I have not seen a way to upgrade the storage space, which is pretty limited, even more, when you want to keep the achievement books and have several characters on the account, which might want to store different things.

The best way seems to be to have a friend with a different crafting profession, who send you the ingredients you need and you send her the items she wants. This worked quite well over the weekend. I sent Rhonwyn (who took the Cook profession) every available onion or carrot I found and got back some jute and leather for my Tailor.

Depending on the level of your craft, do not hoard items you will probably not use in the near future. I sold the level requirement 50, 75 & “up” items on the second day of playing, as I was happy to reach level 25 (which is a “threshold”).

Of course later that day I could have needed the req. 50 items, as I found a way to level faster: Find a new insignia or inscription and make a complete set of weapons or armour with that. It drained my supply of basics materials fast, but I reached level 50 in Artificer in no time. Crafting basic material will earn you no XP later on. You either have it stored, or you will “starve” at Lvl. 48 like I did. GWO mates helped me out. Of course at release this won’t be a big problem, as you are not limited to a few hours of game play.

Conclusion on the Gathering of Crafting Materials

Crafting is fun and you can occupy a lot of time with it. If Arena.Net will not give us more storage space than we experienced with the beta, you will be a sad pack-rat. There seemed to be a shortage on jute, as item drops that could be salvaged appeared to be more scarce than your chance to mine or gather ore and wood.

  • Try to concentrate on stuff you really need.
  • Try to cooperate with a friend (or friends) to get the materials you need.
  • Try to craft whole sets of items, which will make you level fast.
  • Try different “suits” with different insignias/inscriptions to earn XP fast.

PS – after I have read Rhonwyn’s blog post draft:
Rhonwyn talks about getting most of her jute (remember, I had so few of those) in the Human areas, which I have not visited a lot as a Norn. It looks like a successful tailor has to venture to foreign lands to get all his materials for crafting. Although this makes sense from a lore point of view, it is not practical for a basic crafting item.

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