Interview teaser – More Live Team Q&A coming soon!

I had the chance to submit a set of questions for the Guild Wars Live Team a few weeks ago and wants to share the rest of the answers of that interview with you very soon. John Stumme and Robert Gee have given us information about the development of Winds of Change that you have probably not read anywhere else yet and will talk about the upcoming Elementalist update too.
The following two questions do not fit the theme of the rest of the interview, so I will share them with you as a teaser of “more things to come”.

Enjoy the interview!
Gorani Have you considered adding Gamer-Point rewards to Polymock, to encourage people to play that mini game more often?

John Stumme: This isn’t something that we’ve talked about before, but it’s an interesting suggestion. If we pursued something like this, I’d want to take the chance to revisit Polymock first to see what changes and improvements could be made to the game. The game type still has a lot of potential, but in its original implementation, it didn’t have all of the time or the technology that it needed to make it something truly great. Of course, we’ve gotten all kinds of cool new technology since then – for example, Joe had recently brought me over to his computer to show off a skill that he made that mimics “Gate of Babylon” – super cool! It’s just a matter of finding time in the schedule to fit in projects like these!

dervish The Mesmer and Dervish profession updates have made those classes significantly more powerful, some even say you made them too strong. Is there a plan to “nerf” parts of their skills again?

Robert Gee: Both Mesmer and Dervish professions were considered two of the weakest professions before their updates so I think it was an expectation that they would get significantly stronger. We are looking at a few elements of these professions that we feel got a little too strong however and will likely be adjusting these in future updates.

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  • For anyone else who was as confused as I was about the reference to “Gate of Babylon”:

    Seems like they made a skill that opens a portal to a treasure room, whereupon various weapons (swords, etc) are shot out like arrows at your foe. In whatever game this comes from (Type-Moon? Never heard of it.) apparently the strength of the skill rises with the wealth of the user. I’m going to assume that bit won’t make it into GW2.

    • It’s from the Fate franchise. Though he only appears in Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night.

      To sum it up, Gilgamesh (Y’know, The Epic of Gilgamesh) is summoned as a Heroic Spirit to fight for the Holy Grail in the present day.
      Gate of Babylon is one of his Noble Phantasms (Special attacks/skills) where he can access his vault filled with all the treasures of the world.
      His main use for it is sword-spamming all his legendary weapons from mid-air to impale the enemy.