Interview with Ree Soesbee about writing, gaming and beyond

The fan site Guild Wars Insider just published a very excellent and long interview with Ree Soesbee, Writer and Lore & Continuity Designer for Guild Wars 2. In the interview Ree talks about when she first got interested in fantasy, how she got into writing, and gives us the inside scoop on some of her previous projects. She really is a multifaceted and talented woman, and the interview was a treat to read!

When I was a small child, my mother died when I was about 6. A very well meaning Aunt gave me a red box marked Dungeons and Dragons. That might have gotten me a little interested in the game except my father, who is a southern traditionalist from the Appalachian Mountains, said “that there’s demon stuff.”  He hid it.  I immediately became fascinated by it.  He hid it and I found it.  And he hid it and I found it for about two and a half years, and by that time I went and got my own so he can hide it all he wanted and I was still able to play. – Ree Soesbee


The full interview is available as iTune download or as streamed audio and transcribed on the Guild Wars Insider page.

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