Is it Fun?


Have you ever logged into a game and played for a few hours, seeking to complete a task? When you complete that task, do you ever stop to ask yourself, “Was that fun?” Take out the cool reward – you don’t get any cool gear, you don’t get a shiny title; you just complete the task. Was it fun?

The answer was probably no.

In a new blog post today, Colin Johanson, Lead Content Developer for Guild Wars 2, talks about fun in an MMO and how Guild Wars 2 wants you to have it. Arenanet doesn’t want you coming back to Guild Wars 2 day after day because you paid for your subscription and might as well use it; they want you coming back because you want to.

Be sure to check out the full article for all the details on how ArenaNet tries to not only create fun, but measure it. And next time you enter Tyria in a Beta Weekend, don’t just click past the survey, make sure to fill it out; especially the question, “Was it fun?”

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