Jeff Grubb says Sylvari can grow limbs back (probably)

In a fresh lore interview over at the Ashenford Cartel, Jeff Grubb and Eric Flannum answers a lot of in-depth questions about Guild Wars 2 lore. Like the headliner that Sylvari can grow back severed limbs (probably). However we will never see this happen in game since there is no on-camera dismemberment in Guild Wars 2. Also, most but not all NPC armor will be available to players.

Most of the armor sets you see on NPCs will be available to players. Of the sets you mentioned, the Seraph and Warden armor is available to players. The Ministry armor is currently restricted to members of the Ministry Guard. – Eric Flannum

Also, there will be no custom chat channels or custom emotes at release, something that might bum out especially the role playing community.
Read the full interview here.

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