Join the GWOnline Alliance in the Beta Wekend Event!


Join GWO Alliance for some Guild Wars 2 Beta action!

GWOnline’s resident Guild Wars 1 alliance* has decided on making one huge alliance guild for the very first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event, and all of you are invited to join the fun! PvE, WvW or structured PvP, we will do it all! On the European servers you will find us in Vabbi, and on the North American ones we will grace the Steamspur Mountains. If you want to join up you can either ask anyone you see in game wearing the [GWO] tag for an invite, or you can leave your in-game contact details in this thread. We will also update the thread with some GWOnline alliance contact people.

See you in game!

*The GWOnline Alliance of Friends consist of the GWOnline Community Guild [GWO], The Order of Dii [Dii], Veritas Invictus [TRUE], Embers of the Flame [PHX], The Guild of the Blade and Rose [BaR], Massively Overpowered [MVOP], Blood of the Martyr [HOPE], In Pace Requiescat [RIP] and U L G G [ULGG].

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