Join the GWO Team – News Updaters and Bloggers Wanted

Since the first press beta events, things have been busying up on GWO and we are reaching out to the community to find some new blood to join the team. We are currently looking for the following to help out.

News updaters – An integral part of the GWO experience, we are looking for a couple of newshounds to make sure that the main GWO page is always fresh with the latest news about Guild Wars 2, whether it’s official news, game news or newsworthy stories from the Guild Wars community.

Bloggers – We already have a great blogging team posting their thoughts on the game here on the main page but we are always looking for new blood wanting to join the team. Perhaps you have a keen interest in a specific profession or PvP and want to share your thoughts and experiences with the Guild Wars community.

Anyone interested in joining this long-running and great community team here at GWO should pop an email over to specifying your interest.

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