Jumping Puzzle Live! Updates Every Two Weeks! New PVP Map! Bazaar of the Four Winds! Whew!

bazaar of the four winds Well, sounds like things are going to be getting busy in Guild Wars 2! According to Colin’s latest blog post, Anet will now be aiming for new content releases every two weeks. Meaning more frequent game updates, and both permanent and temporary new content and more. Next up is Bazaar of the Four Winds on July 9th and a new PVP map: Skyhammer (you can watch the preview video for this in the update just before this one). Come join in the discussion in our forums!

Gem store users will also be happy to learn there are new items in the store including the Chop-It-All everlasting logging axe.

And lets not forget about the ongoing Dragon Bash/Sky Pirates Living Story, especially with the fun (but not for the depth perception impaired) jumping puzzle in Gendarran Fields: Not So Secret.

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