June 11 Update is Live. Come Dragon Bash With Us and More!

Anet has released the update notes for today’s update. Follow this link, or check out our forum post with the details and let us know what you think.

A few tidbits from the update: Dragon Bash is live, fireworks event from 9am Pacific (4pm UTC) June 14th to 9am Pacific (4pm UTC) June 17th, “Added a new combat/movement toggle option: “Right-Click to Attack/Interact”.” “Globs of Ectoplasm can now be salvaged into Piles of Crystalline Dust.” Skill updates. sPVP matching tweaks. “World Ability Points have been refunded to all players who earned them.” “Named after Lion’s Arch’s founder, Cobiah Marriner, the Marriner’s Horn is a permanent instrument themed for spreading festive tunes.”

And recent GWOnline original content:
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Plus incgamers are taking names and kicking reportorial heinies this week at E3. Check out their recent blog post for more details. (Cool detail from that link: Our own post making machine, Alaris, has an incgamers write up on the game he is making! Woohoo, go Alaris!)

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