Last Stand Guide and other GW2 Resources

You know what I never see...pockets, which makes this a hard joke to make...

…just happy to see you

Click the image above to see the guide Anet posted Wednesday explaining how to get the most out of the Last Stand Live Story content they created for Southsun Cove. Some nice rewards and cool back pieces. Or check out our forum thread on the Southsun Cove event to tell us what you think.

Also, there have been two or three game updates since the 28th.

A few more GW2 related items:

Friday GW2Guru will be hosting a State of the Game with ArenaNet’s Evan Lesh and Jonathan Sharp talking about PvP in general, the tournament scene, and more! Starts at 1pm Pacific (8pm UTC) on Guru’s Twitch.TV.

Anet is maintaining an Events Calendar on Facebook listing things like upcoming sPVP matches and State of the Game chats.

The API developer, Cliff Spradlin said that they will be rewriting their 3rd Party App rules to make it clear that API driven apps (they specifically mentioned’s Overlay) are ok to use with the game.

And a couple recent GWOnline pieces:.
Nemeon’s forum post on Combos in GW2
Gorani’s piece on Conjures and its forum thread

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