Latest Support Updates

First up many of you may have received a reset password email today, I know I did, but fear not it’s a glitch and you canke delete the mail:

[ANET]If you received a password reset email and you did not request it, please delete that email. Do not click on the link in the message.

We are investigating the issue.

Thank you.[/ANET]

A further lengthy support notice regarding the high volume of support tickets has also been posted

Firstly we are experiencing a high volume of support tickets many of which have been solved prior to them being dealt with by a team member. If you have since managed to fix the issue (either through time or with the help of our Knowledge Base , please take the time to respond to your ticket and ask for it to be closed.

Current hot topics include:

Email validation on the game launcher; please be aware that this is currently not active, you are able to play as normal (just by clicking the red “Play” button)

If you have been emailed regarding a reset request for your password, but you haven’t requested it, as always please be ever vigilant when it comes to emails sent to you in regard to your game account. If you didn’t request the email, do not click the link, just ignore it. Alternatively you can change your email by following these instructions:

If you are experiencing a connection error when you try to login (error 42), please untick the remember password and username boxes on your launcher and restart.

Issues regarding registration, firstly please make sure you have registered your game code to an account (this is the general cause of error 1038), you should be asked to create a unique name when you have done so. If you are getting an error regarding the code already being in use, please try to log in at  as you are more than likely already to go.

If you are experiencing an issue purchasing Gems or the digital version of the game from our website, please first check that you are typing in the registered details of your card exactly as it is printed on a card statement, secondly take a break between purchase attempts as repeated attempts in a short period of time will either fail or see you charged more than once.

If none of the above help, please contact support by using the “ask a question” feature here: ~AT[/ANET]