GuildWars saw a major skill update last week. In a series of blogs I’ll point out trends in balancing and new builds with updated skills. Up today Elementalists, Monks, Assassins, Dervish, Mesmer and your mother.

In the last installment discussing these skills balanced I’ll handle the skill updates for the left over classes. Fun fact, the last update saw 80 skills changed, 30 Warrior skills, 33 Necromancer and Ritualist skills and 17 changes divvied amongst the rest.
Of these 17 my personal favourite changes are

  • Seeping Wound… vs Glimmering Mark
    Glimmering Mark finally got updated to have its damage armor ignoring since, well, lightning damage without penetration is crud. It now deals a respectable 24 damage per second on top of any degen. Ofcourse it still requires you to never hurt the foe in any other way again.
    Seeping Wound got updated too, accomplishing roughly the same thing. It does cast four times faster, costs half the energy and has great synergy with other sin skills. And snares. Originally it actually dealt more damage than Glimmering, but thankfully it was nerfed to something almost approaching the same stratosphere as reasonable.

  • Meta marker Power Block
    Power Block is a very interesting skill. It’s only useful when you know your target is going to bring a bar filled with a single attribute (like Prot Monks) which aren’t all .25 cast (not like Prot Monks). Essentially, this means the skill is only brought when the meta has a popular build, normally Ele or Necro, which includes one very powerful attribute line. As the skill itself rewards active play and is very much high risk-reward, I’d sooner take a look at the bars they counter. As there weren’t any Ele or Necro bars nerfed, I’m afraid they didn’t. Before you know it, fc water or mblast actually wouldn’t be run anymore.

Ultimately though, the most important updates are the metachanging one, and of those the most obvious one is this


When on offensive Seeping Wound on anyone with a condi. When on defensive Seeping on a melee or slow target. Otherwise, chain your attack skills so they’ll activate on order, while under Flurry. Why Flurry? The lowered damage applies to base damage, not + damage (damage inflicted by an attack skill) and most of your damage comes from attack skills. Why not Frenzy? You don’t have enough skill slots for a cancel stance.

Share your favourite changes with us!


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