Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuummmbbbbllleee! eSports in GW2

Mist League officially started their effort to bring Guild Wars 2 to eSports on June 15th, but tomorrow they scored a match against Anet developers! It starts Friday the 14th at 5:30pm Pacific (12:30am Sat UTC) and you can watch it on their Twitch.TV channel. It will be a best of 3 fight on the Forest of Niflhel map.

Also Will Fairfield is doing a developer livestream where he’ll be talking about Dragon Ball tips and more. On Anet’s Twitch.TV channel Friday starting at Noon Pacific (7pm UTC).

On a lighter note, Anet also just released a cool piece about the origins and making of the Dragon Bash song. Check it out (dates back to 2010 when they first started demoing the game in Europe).

And for all you Cosplay fans out there, check out this amazing Charr outfit Anet shared a couple days ago.

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