Mike Ferguson’s Reddit AMA on GW2 World vs World

In the middle of the beta signup craze, Mike Ferguson completed his previously promised AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. He answered a lot of questions, but here are some of the more interesting bits:

On population cap:
[anet]We are still doing tests to see just how far we can push the numbers for WvW. We have pushed over 300 (per map) on our last test.[/anet]

About effect overload:
[anet]Our graphics programmers and tech art team are working on that issue right now! We’re well aware of the effect soup that can happen in large fights and it’s something we’re going to do our best to address.[/anet]

On overflow servers in WvW:
[anet]No it will not, world versus world is not available on overflow shards. Overflow shards for world versus world don’t really work since world versus world has a number of bonuses that apply to your world, and there is no sense of a larger community in an overflow shard.[/anet]

On Guild markers:
[anet]We dont have cloaks, but you can put a guild emblem on your armor and weapons![/anet]

On chatting with the players on the opposing servers:
[anet]We will not allow cross server chat in game.[/anet]

About attacking forts:
[anet]Every objective has multiple ways in. Some of many different gates, while others have a single gate, but each objective has multiple walls that can also be knocked down to break into them.[/anet]

On Squads:
[anet]Squads are a way for larger groups of people to band together for a common goal. Squads are led by a commander, and that commander has the ability to talk to everyone in their squad in a chat channel that only the commander can talk in. Commanders can also place waypoints on the map that are viewable by all of their squad members. /../ The commander is self appointed. We have an item that people purchase for gold that gives the ability to turn on the Commander function. When you become a commander, anyone not in a squad will see the commander icon over your head and can select you, right click on your portrait and select ‘join squad’. Also, when someone is following a commander, you can right click on their portait to join their squad and follow the same commander.[/anet]

About international guilds and WvW:
[anet]We will do our best to provide tools that help people find the same server so they can play together, but it’s inevitable that someone will have friends that end up on a different server. We want you to be able to play with those friends as well as the ones you know from your day to day adventures in Tyria, which is why we allow people to visit other servers but to fight in the mists together everyone has to be fighting for the same world. For all the people asking about EU/US servers, I really dont know anything about that. All I know about servers is that there are three of them fighting in each WvW battle :)[/anet]

On having your Guild’s “property” attacked:
[anet]We will be adding alerts to game that will communicate when an objective your guild owns is under attack. There is no quick travel though, you have to hoof it there and hopefully make it before the enemy breaks through and captures it![/anet]

About the risk of “ninja claiming”:
[anet]We track each persons participation in the event to capture the keep, and once it’s taken the guild with the largest participation gets a minute to claim it before anyone else can.[/anet]

Our FANtastic FriendsĀ GuildWars2Journal did a super job at making a sorted run-down on all the questions and answers, so head over there for a full transcript.